Looking Back at Our Bookhaul | August 2019

As booklovers we both love buying books. That got us thinking… do we actually read the books we buy? That’s how this Looking Back at Our Bookhauls idea got started. It can be quite interesting to see what we’ve actually read and can make you run to your shelves to pick up the books you forgot about. Today let’s look back at our haul from August 2019! How did we do? Continue reading “Looking Back at Our Bookhaul | August 2019”

Looking Back At Our Bookhauls | August 2018

Every month we add books to our collections, but we’ve been curious about how much of them we actually read. In Looking Back at Our Bookhauls, we take a look at our hauls from the year before. What have we read and what do we still need to read? We hope this motivates us more to get to our unread books and maybe buy a little less. Even if this doesn’t always work, haha. Today we’re looking back at our book hauls from August 2018!

Continue reading “Looking Back At Our Bookhauls | August 2018”

Bookhaul | August 2019

The coming months will be crazy with new releases and we want allll the books. We’re also participating in some swaps in October and December and with Christmas basically around the corner we wanted to take it easy in August. But that’s easier said than done, haha. So did we manage to stop our selves from buying a ton of books this month? Let’s take a look at our august bookhaul and see! Continue reading “Bookhaul | August 2019”