Looking Back At Our Bookhauls | August 2021

Now that we’ve talked about our August 2022 bookhaul and wrap up it’s time for our most scary post of the month haha. Looking back at our bookhaul last year. What books did we buy in August 2021 and what have we actually read? Let’s take a look at how well we did!


Before looking back at the bookhaul post I honestly didn’t remember what books I got in August 2021. It was a pleasant surprise that I only added four books to my shelves that month, but I didn’t do great with how many I read, haha. Let’s take a look.

Ace of Spades – Faridah Àbíké-Íyímídé

I actually started reading Aces of Spades soon after I bought it. This book was such a roller coaster ride and was filled with twist after twist. At a certain point I just couldn’t put Ace of Spades down. I can’t wait for another book written by this author.

As Good As Dead – Holly Jackson

How have I not read this book yet?!? A Good Girls’ Guide to Murder has been such a great series so far. I loved the first two books and the novella. Even though I don’t want this series to be over I need to add this to my Fall reading list and get it done.

The Wolf and the Woodsman -Ava Reid

I’ve added The Wolf and the Woodsman to my TBR a few times, but just haven’t gotten around to it yet. It seems like it will a retelling I’ll enjoy, but I just haven’t been in the mood for it yet.

She Who Became the Sun – Shelley Parker-Chan

So last month I actually sold my copy of She Who Became the Sun to someone looking for this edition. In the original bookhaul post I did mention it didn’t seem to be a book I usually read. Don’t get me wrong the book is stunning and does sound amazing, but at the moment it’s just not one I really want to read.

End Result:
Read: 1/4 – 25%
2/4 – 50%
Unhaul: 1/4 – 25%


August 2021 was a month I did actually buy some books in, and I think the following months I got a couple of books as well. I got three great books I was all super excited about. But did I actually read them? The age old question haha.

Death Note Black Edition V – Tsugumi Ohba

I read this one in May, so luckily I can say I have read one of the books haha. This is such an interesting series and since I got the last book recently, I’ll be able to finish the series soon. I guess I will actually finish some series this year haha.

As Good As Dead – Holly Jackson

I can’t believe I haven’t read this one yet. The first two books and the novella were amazing and I had been looking forward to this as soon as I finished the second book. Candyce also has this one so maybe we can buddyread this one soon haha. It seems like the perfect book to read during the fall.

The Cousins – Karen McManus

Usually I pick up my YA mysteries pretty soon after buying them, I don’t tend to have a ton of them on my TBR. But I guess I haven’t read this one yet either. I should read it soon though! While I haven’t loved all of Karen’s books, they are usually enjoyable and I’m curious about this story!

End Result:
Read: 1/3 – 33,33%
 2/3 – 66,66%


So that’s our looking back at our bookhauls for this month! Have you read any of these books? What did you think? Let us know in the comments. We’d love to hear from you.

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