Bookhaul| I Supported My Local Bookstore

I know we’ll be writing a bookhaul for May in a few days, but I decided to do a mini haul today. As everyone knows, things have been closed for awhile. Our local bookstores are open and I decided to visit today. I went there and came right home, but it felt good to do something “normal” again! So I wanted to show you how I supported my local bookstore today!

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Wishlist Wednesday | Anticipated Releases June 2020

How is it that we’re already looking at releases for June?!? We’re almost halfway through 2020! Even though this year is flying by, it’s not a bad thing this year with everything going on. What books are coming are way? Come find out when we talk about our Anticipated June releases!

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Wishlist Wednesday | Anticipated Releases May 2020

How are we already getting ready to talk about May? This year is flying by, but a lot is happening in the world lately. With everything going on, we had to take a close look at the books set to release soon, because quite a few have been delayed. As far as we know now, this is what’s coming. It could change, so let’s take a look at our anticipated May releases!

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Looking Back at Our Bookhauls| February 2019

It’s that time of month again to look back at one of our previous bookhauls. This month it’s time for February 2019. We’re away from Christmas, but right before our birthdays, so let’s see how we did! What books did we collect and what have we read since then?

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