Event Impression | Dutch Comic Con – Winter Edition

Most people will have heard of Comic Con. They’re pretty big these days and held in different areas. The Netherlands is a country that organizes the occasional Comic Con. The most recent one was Dutch Comic Con – Winter Edition. It was held on November 23rd and 24th in Utrecht and we both visited on Sunday and want to tell you about our day!

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Event Impression| YALFest 2018

We weren’t even planning on going to YALFest this year. When the authors were announced, we didn’t know any of them and most of the books weren’t going to be published until a month before YALFest 2018. In the end, after reading one of the author’s books, we just had to go!

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Event Impression| Meeting Marissa Meyer

Last Tuesday Marissa Meyer visited the Netherlands! We bought tickets back in November I think, so I (Isabelle) am ashamed to admit I kinda forgot about this haha. But you can possibly imagine how happy I was when I realised this event took place AND we already got tickets haha. The event was sold out so I’m happy we got our tickets on time.

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Event Impression|Sint @ Kwante

As you guys have been able to read, we met because of a readalong. When the readalong ended, we had a group of book buddies that are now good friends. We don’t get to see everyone together that often, so when the holidays were getting closer, we decided to celebrate the Dutch holiday Sinterklaas together. It’s almost Christmas as well, so it’s more of a mix of both. This all took place last night, so to see what we did, keep on reading!

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Event Impressions | Harry Potter Afternoon

Little over a week ago, the Intratuin (a kind of gardensupplies store) in my village hosted a Harry Potter event. I wasn’t able to go to the whole thing because I had a babyshower that afternoon, but after that my mom and I quickly went there to take a peak. I was still able to get some fun pics and get to do the most exciting thing of the whole event. Curious what that was? Keep on reading! Continue reading “Event Impressions | Harry Potter Afternoon”

Event Impression| Meeting Kristen Ciccarelli

We have been kind of lucky when it comes to authors coming here and other events lately. Last week we found out that Kristen Ciccarelli would have a meet and greet at a bookstore in Utrecht. That’s not too far for us, so we decided to go. Neither of us have read The Last Namsara, but we have heard nothing but good things about it.

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Event Impression| Paperpassion

As you all read last week, we went to see Jennifer L Armentrout on October 20th. Our blog post about that can be found here. Our morning that day started off at Paperpassion. A place for paper lovers, haha. If you want to read more about our morning at Paperpassion keep reading.

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Event Impression| Meeting Jennifer L Armentrout

We had a busy day yesterday. It started out in Tilburg to go to Paper Passion (how that was will be posted next week, so keep an eye out). Then we headed to Utrecht to meet Jennifer L Armentrout! This event was arranged by the Dutch publisher Zomer & Keuning and we are very thankful they did. We were a bit late, because the trains decided to have issues and it took us a lot longer to get where we needed to be. Luckily we finally made it and it was amazing!

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