About us

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Hi! Welcome on our blog, we’re Candyce & Isabelle. Two avid readers who met online during a Throne-of-Glass read-a-long. From that read-a-long formed a chatgroup of amazing girls we talk to everyday and try to meet up with a couple of times a year. During our first meet up we realised we actually live quite close so we ended up seeing each other more often. After some game nights (Marvel Legendary <3) we talked about starting a blog together and now here we are!


I’m a 29 year old American that has lived in the Netherlands since I was 13. I have a Masters Degree in Orthopedagogics (Childhood Development Sciences is the easiest way of explaining what it is, haha). When I’m not reading, I spend time with family, my boyfriend and our two kittens. I also love watching TV shows while working on my bulletjournal. I watch a lot of shows, but a few of my faves are Grey’s Anatomy, Gilmore Girls and Everwood. I read all kinds of genres, but mostly fantasy, new adult and contemporary. I love all kinds of other things, but I’m sure you’ll learn a lot more about that on this blog.



I’m a 27 year old Dutchie. I studied psychology in Rotterdam and Sport & Exercise psychology in London. Currently setting up my private practice. Very passionate about horse riding and any other sport Dutchies are competing in. When I’m not reading a book or spending time at the stables, I’m probably watching a new tv show. One Tree Hill and Gilmore Girls will forever be my fave shows but there are too many to count that I’m currently watching 😉 Fave book genres are fantasy, mystery, thrillers and a cute contemporary every now and then. Also getting into comics and mangas more and more. Big Potterhead (Ravenclaw, yay!), bookish goodies collector, bullet journal enthousiast, tea lover, intp.