Bookhaul | August 2023

How is another month over? We’re heading to the last 3 months of the year and it normally means more new books. So how is our bookhaul this month? Have we added any new books to our shelves? Keep on reading to find out!


August ended up being a month filled with more books that I was planning, but I’d say that seems to be every month, haha. The extra trips to the bookstore haven’t been helping. So In August I’ve added 18 books to my shelves (one was actually from last month, but for some reason I didn’t add it to the haul in July). I only work three days in September and I’m hoping to read quite a few of these.

The Spare Room – Andrea Bartz

A friend and I constantly have a buddy read on the go and we decided it was time to read a thriller. The Spare Room sounded really good and the main character has the same first name as my friend, so that was an easy choice.

Threads That Bind – Kika Hatzopoulou

Threads That Bind was a gift from a friend for feeding and giving some love to her cats while she was away on vacation with her family. A descendant of Greek Fates must solve a a series of murders to save all that she loves. That sounds like something right up my alley!

The Way I Hate Him – Meghan Quinn

Meghan Quinn is the queen of rom-coms and I knew I wanted this stunning cover physically on my shelf. I’ve heard this is also pretty emotional, so I’ll have the tissues ready.

The Jasad Heir – Sara Hashem

The Jasad Heir was the July Illumicrate book! I have to say it isn’t my favorite edition they’ve done, but the book is still stunning. The last heir’s family was killed except for her, but she has everyone believing she didn’t survive. I have a feeling this book is going to be quite the ride.

Assistant to the Villain – Hannah Nicole Maehrer

When I heard about Assistant to the Villain I had to preorder this book! I never expected to get my preorder a few weeks early. I was also surprised that this one has pretty sprayed edges. This book is basically a TikTok series that went viral and the author turned into a book. I didn’t know that! Our main character needs a job and is willing to take anything, but she also didn’t expect to fall for evil.

Daisy Haites, Magnolia Parks: The Long Way Home, & Daisy Haites: The Great Undoing – Jessa Hastings

So I bought the first Magnolia Parks book last year and still need to read it. These were indie books, but got picked up by a publisher and they got a cover change. Not one for the better though. I really don’t like them. So I decided I needed to get the rest of the series before they all get a cover change.

Girl, Goddess, Queen – Bea Fitzgerald

In October I’m going to YALFU and one of the authors that is there is Bea Fitzegerald. Girl, Goddess, Queen is a Hades & Persephone re-imagining is different than a lot I’ve seen and I can’t wait to read it.

Electric Idol – Katee Robert

After reading Neon Gods this month, I have to continue with the series. Electric Idol is the second book and I’m hoping to love it just as much as I did the first book. There are six books out in this series right now, so I have some catching up to do.

Divine Rivals – Rebecca Ross

I’m sure almost everyone has seen Divine Rivals online at least once these past few months. Divine Rival sounds like a book I live with rival journalists and magical letters, but I need to go in with lower expectations after all of the hype it has gotten.

If We Ever Meet Again – Ana Huang

So I’ve only read Twisted Love by Ana Huang, but saw the start of another series at the bookstore. If We Ever Meet Again is a strangers to to friends to lovers romance. Sounds like something I’ll love and has a beautiful cover.

Twin Crowns – Catherine Doyle & Katherine Webber

Twin Crowns is the other book I bought, because these authors will be at YALFU as well. I’m trying to have both of these read before then and hopefully get my books signed. It’s always exciting to meet new authors. This book has two sisters separated at birth and I have a feeling this book will be quite the ride.

Spells for Forgetting – Adrienne Young

Spells for Forgetting was Adrienne Young’s adult debut I believe. This released last year and I’ve been curious, but I finally decided to pick it up at the bookstore after I saw someone vlog about it on booktube. I have a feeling this is a great rainy day read.

The Summer of Broken Rules – K.L. Walther

Why not end the summer with a couple of summer reads? The Summer of Broken Rules is another book I’ve seen around quite a bit and I think I’ll love it. This sounds like an emotional read, but a heartwarming one at that.

What Happens After Midnight – K.L. Walther

What Happens After Midnight mostly caught my attention, because it takes place at a boarding school. That is one of my favorite settings and it also involves a senior end of year prank.

House of Marionne – J. Elle

House of Marionne is a new fantasy romance that I’ve been excited for. I ended up preordering this one, because the first edition print has a really pretty design underneath the dust jacket.

Pack Up the Moon – Kristan Higgins

Pack Up the Moon is a book that gives me P.S. I Love You vibes and I know it’s going to make me cry, but I need those books at times. Our main character loses his wife and she left him letters for every month for a year after her death.


Another month in which I got new books, what is happening haha. I went to the bookstore right before my trip to Budapest and I decided to treat myself and get some new books. And I also spend both of my Audible credits on audiobooks this month. So I actually have something to share haha.

Tomorrow and Tomorrow and Tomorrow – Gabrielle Zevin

This one was already on my wishlist and after seeing it again in Candyce’s bookhaul last month I wanted it even more. So when I saw this nice, floppy paperback at the bookstore I just couldn’t resist! I think I will really love this one and I can’t wait to read it.

After that Night – Karin Slaugther

This is the newest installment in the Will Trent series. Karin Slaughter has always been one of my favorite authors and earlier this year I finally got caught up with this series. I’m excited to have the next book and I’m super curious about what will happen next.


A Court of Thorns and Roses – Sarah J. Maas

After finishing Kingdom of Ash, I needed the next book for my reread. Going the audiobook route really helped me so while I do own the physical books, I’m also getting all of the audio ones, haha. I already finished this one so of course I also got the next.

A Court of Mist and Fury – Sarah J. Maas

I had one more credit so I got A Court of Mist and Fury as soon as I finished A Court of Thorns and Roses. This is the first time I’m rereading this series and I don’t remember much. But I do remember this one was my favorite in the original trilogy. Let’s see if that remains the same.

So that’s our August wrap up! Did you add new books to your shelves in August? If so, which one are you most excited about? Let us know in the comments!

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