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The coming months will be crazy with new releases and we want allll the books. We’re also participating in some swaps in October and December and with Christmas basically around the corner we wanted to take it easy in August. But that’s easier said than done, haha. So did we manage to stop our selves from buying a ton of books this month? Let’s take a look at our august bookhaul and see!


At the beginning of the month, I didn’t think I was going to buy that many books. Things went a little different than planned. In August I added 13 books to my collection. Oops, haha! You’ve already been able to see the first five books I bought when I posted my Castlefest haul. Let’s take a look at the other books I spoiled myself with this month!

Stolen Songbird – Danielle L. Jensen

A friend of ours was telling us about Danielle L. Jensen’s new release (see the next book) and also recommended this one. She really enjoyed this series and thought that I would as well. The synopsis sounds really good, so will be adding it to my TBR soon.

The Bridge Kingdom – Danielle L. Jensen

If I remember correctly, this is the author’s first adult fantasy romance. The Bridge Kingdom sounds really interesting and I love this cover. On top of that, the chapter headings in this book are stunning. I think I’ll try and read this and Stolen Songbird in the same month.

The Screaming Staircase -Jonathan Stroud

If you’ve read my Castlfest haul, you would’ve seen that I bought the second book of the Lockwood & Co. series while there. I originally ordered the first book when I found out the other would be signing there. Unfortunately the book wasn’t delivered in time. At least, I am able to read the first two now.

Vow of Thieves – Mary E. Pearson

My original plan was to read Dance of Thieves and Vow of Thieves this month during a readalong. Unfortunately, plans changed. I was a bit behind with other reads, so this one was put aside. Hopefully I can squeeze it in in October.

Red, White & Royal Blue – Casey McQuiston

Both Isabelle and I were lucky to get the e-arc for this book. Red, White & Royal Blue will definitely be on my list of favorites of 2019! It was so good!! That made me decide I needed the physical book and the formatting of the ARC was off at times, so this will make it a little easier to read again.

The Unhoneymooners – Christina Lauren

Christina Lauren writes a lot of romance books. They’ve caught my attention quite a few times, but besides the YA book Autboyography, I haven’t read anything by them. A lot of people have been talking about The Unhoneymooners lately and seem to be enjoying it! Hopefully I will as well.

The Simple Wild – K.A. Tucker

I have had my eye on this book since it was released, but just never got around to buying it. Recently a few people have read and reviewed it on my Goodreads friends list and made me think of it again. The main character is a blogger I believe, which always scores points in my book!

Gideon the Ninth – Tamsyn Muir

Gideon the Ninth doesn’t actually release until next month, but the book box I ordered had it early (unboxing will be online next week). I’ve been looking forward to this book for quite some time and I hope to fit it in next month!


I was planning on not buying any books this month but somehow I ended up with 7 books haha. There was a sale online so obviously I had to get some books. And I saw someone selling some books second hand that I really wanted. When I took a look at how many books I acquired I was honestly surprised about the amount haha. I did have an amazing reading month as well so I’m not too mad about it.

Heartstopper Volume 2 – Alice Oseman

I adored the first volume of Heartstopper so I immediately preordered this second volume. It took a while before my copy actually shipped, but once I got it I read it right away. These graphic novels are the cutest ever!

City of Brass & Kingdom of Copper – S.A. Chakraborty

Look at these gorgeous books! A Dutch blogger was selling these and I couldn’t resist haha. I wanted to get City of Brass ever since it released and I’m so happy to finally own it. These are pretty big books so I’m not sure when I’ll read them but I hope to do so soon.

Hocus Pocus and the All New Sequel – A.W. Jantha

I got this one from the same Dutch blogger! This one is going to be the perfect Halloween read and I’m so excited for it. I have to admit I’ve never seen the Hocus Pocus movie and now I’m debating wether I should watch the movie first or read the book first. What do you recommend? Let me know in the comments!

Kill the Queen – Jennifer Estep

I recently saw at least 3 friends and trusted reviewers read and enjoy this one! So I think I didn’t even look at the synopsis but just bought it in a sale haha. It’s an adult fantasy and I want to read more of those.

Fruits Basket Collector’s Edition 2 – Natsuki Takaya

I loved the first volume of Fruits Basket and used the previous mentioned sale to get this second volume! These editions are beautiful and I’m excited to continue this story. I’m actually really surprised I haven’t finished this one yet haha. Pretty sure I will do so this month!

Gideon the Ninth – Tamsyn Muir

Look at that gorgeous book! Like Candyce said, we got this in a bookbox so we got it a bit early. I really hope to read it soon because I’m just so excited! There have been many raving reviews, but I’ve also seen some DNF’s so I can’t wait to see where I’ll fall on this spectrum.

So that’s our haul for this month! Have you read any of the books we bought? What did you think? We’d also love to know what you added to your bookshelves this month! Let is know in the comments.

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