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About a week and a half ago I went to Disneyland Paris for 2 days. Together with my brother I visited my favorite place on earth for about the fifteenth time or so haha. The weather was wonderful and since it was still summer holiday time, it was quite busy. But we managed to do all the rides we wanted too and got to do a bit of shopping as well. And of course I wanted to show you what I got! I was a really good girl and hardly got anything, but I’m going back this November and I plan on getting some more then 😉

First up, some cute pics from my trip! My brother hates getting his picture taken, but he did manage to take a really cute one from me at my favorite ride since I was a little girl.

This is at the Big Thunder Mountain! We actually went on it 3 times haha. One of those times was when it was getting dark and the view was beautiful! Absolutely loved it. The Phantom Manor looked amazing in the dark as well, had to take a picture of it haha.


And now, onto the march haul!!

First up it this super cute Mickey pin. I adore pins and there are so much in Disney! My collection is slowly growing and I can’t wait to add more of them.

I love sweaters and this one looked so cute. The Disney part of it is kinda subtle, you don’t see it right away which can be quite nice. It was also 50% off so that made me really happy haha. I can’t wait for autumn weather so I can wear this <3

And lastly I got this London skyline from Lego. I love browsing the Lego store in the Disney Village and was actually looking at some Harry Potter stuff. Unfortunately the ones I wanted were a bit expensive. I told my brother I didn’t want to pay 35/40 euros for it and the ones that were 20 euros weren’t as good. They didn’t seem to be ones you want to start your HP Lego collection off with. So I didn’t get any of them. Then I came across this London skyline and just had to buy it. On our way home my brother suddenly asked me; “You thought the Harry Potter Lego was too expensive right?” “Yes, why?” “Well, you did you buy the London one for 40 euros…” Oops! Next time I’m in London I will buy a Harry Potter one! I save up all my coins and this seems like a good way to spend them haha.

So this was my Disney haul! Do you collect pins? And do you like Lego? Come talk to me in the comments down below!

3 thoughts on “Fangirl’s Favorites | Mini Disney Haul

  1. I´m actually visiting Disneyland Paris for the first time in October. It´s my birthday so me and my mom are going whole 6 days. Can´t wait!

    1. That’s so exciting!! I’m sure you will absolutely love it! I love to go at least 3 or 4 days so you can get the whole experience. I hope you have the best time <3

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