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We both really enjoy middle grade books lately and after discovering Nevermoor, we were really happy to get our hands on the sequel. Wundersmith: The Calling of Morrigan Crow was released last year, but we finally found time to read this book. Today we want to let you know what we thought of the next book in the Nevermoor series.


Candyce The covers in this series make me very happy. There are quite a few gorgeous versions, but I love the sprayed edges and endpages my paperback have. I honestly think middle grade books have the best covers. I can’t wait to see what the rest of the series will look like!

Isabelle I adore the covers in this series! And I especially adore the editions I own. The cover reveals little details of the story and it’s so much fun looking at them and recognizing scenes after you finished reading the story. I can’t wait to see what the next book is going to look like.

“I don’t know what to tell you, Mog.’ Jupiter sighed. ‘Some people are brave bullies. Some people are friendly cowards.”


Candyce Wundersmith bascially starts where Nevermoor left off and I loved that not much time had passed since the previous book. What I love about these books is feeling like I’m back in an amazing world and get sucked right in. This series has been compared to Harry Potter and with how I feel abotu this series, I get the comparison. While reading this, I get the same warm and cozy feelings and a sense of coming home!

Morrigan gets to attend school and learn more about what she is. It’s clear from the start that she doesn’t know much about what she’s capable of and needs to learn a lot. The worldbuilding in this story is amazing and I loved picturing how the school looks and even the train that picks up the class every morning. The author gives us so many details, that I felt like I was there.

Wundersmith doesn’t only focus on Morrigan, but also her class and a few disappearances in this world. People are worried and the twists and turns really keep this book interesting. The balance between the mystery aspects and Morrigan learning at the new school was great. I didn’t feel like one took over the other. The author definitely knew how to surprise me with a few twists and turns.

I did feel like Wundersmith was a bit darker, but still had plenty of happy parts filled with friendship and little life lessons. We also see a lot of Nevermoor. I loved all of the things we learned. It’s pretty impressive that this author didn’t only create a magical school, but also all the little twists and turns the characters find while exploring. This made the book so much fun!

Isabelle We pick the story up pretty much where the first book ended. And I absolutely loved diving back into this world. A lot of people made comparisons to the Harry Potter series and I think it’s all in the vibe of these books. Wundersmith takes place at the magical school and that furthered the Harry Potter vibes in my opinion.

Morrigan starts to learn more about her abilities and I liked that she wasn’t instantly good at everything. She seems to be learning in a realistic way. Her teachers don’t really trust her and that was so sad to read. I think they contribute to the way Morrigan grows up and they can shape her in different people depending on the way they treat her. I really hope that changes in the next book!

Wundersmith isn’t just about Morrigan learning more about herself, we also got a bit of a mystery on our hands and I really enjoyed that part. It was a bit darker than the first book and the stakes are quite high. What I liked most was seeing the characters slowly come together to help each other and I’m sure these friendships will only develop more.

One of the things I loved most is the world of Nevermoor. This is such an imaginative world with so many details. I especially loved the market and all the weird little streets. There could be a whole book filled with Morrigan just exploring this world and I would give it an easy 5 stars. It was so much fun reading about the different Knacks people had. I’m so excited for the third book and I hope Jessica gets to write all 9 of the books she planned for this series.

“Morrigan didn’t like the sound of the Goal-Setting and Achieving Club for Highly Ambitious Youth, which met on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday evenings, and all day Sunday. But she thought she could probably get on board with Introverts Utterly Anonymous, which promised no meetings or gatherings of any sort, ever.”


Candyce On top of amazing worldbuilding and storyline, the cast of characters adds another amazing aspect to this series. Morrigan is our main character and I think my favorite. Even though she’s a wundersmith, she’s still your typical little girl. I love that she doesn’t know what she’s capable and actually has to work at her powers. It’s nice to see a main character show that hard work pays off and it can take time to figure things out.

On top of that, Morrigan has her own insecurities. Could she really be evil? Will bad things always happen? I think it’s important to see everyone has these thoughts and no one is perfect and sometimes you have bad days. On the other hand, Morrigan is very brave and determined to help her loved ones. I can’t wait to see what else she can do as Wundersmith. I have a feeling we only got a glimpse of what she can do!

Jupiter felt less visible in this book. He was often off helping to find the missing people. I would’ve liked to have seen more of him, but the moments we did get were still a lot of fun. He’s a quirky character, but really cares for Morrigan. Jupiter wants her to succeed and believe in herself. I loved that he tried finding examples to prove to her that she wasn’t evil.

Fenestra is still my favorite and I loved the moments we got with her as well as the rest of the characters at the hotel. Hawthorne turned out to be an amazing friend once again and I love reading about him. In Wundersmith we also met a lot of her classmates and they were really interesting. There are definitely a few I would like to see more of in the next story.

On top of that we got a cast of new teachers. They were all quite interesting and quirky in their own way. I felt that a lot of them were scared of Morrigan though and didn’t give her the benefit of the doubt. For quite awhile is was clear they didn’t trust her, so they weren’t really supportive. I wonder how that will go after the events in Wundersmith.

Isabelle The characters are another wonderful aspect of Wundersmith. Of course we have Morrigan our main character, she is amazing. I love that she isn’t your typical hero and I think she can show children it’s okay to be yourself and that you don’t always have to be positive. Morrigan has already been through quite a lot on her young age but she’s stronger than she knows.

I feel like we saw a little less of Jupiter this time around, be he’s still wonderful. Hopefully we see more of him in Hollowpox. Hawthorne is an amazing friend to Morrigan and we got to know him a little bit better in this sequel. Of course I also need to mention the wonderful Fenestra, easily one of my favorite characters. Everyone needs a Fen in their lives haha.

Possibly my favorite side character has to be Cadence! I think she deserves so much more love than she’s getting haha. Feels like everyone forgets about her in their reviews ;). So here’s some Cadence love from me <3. I really like how her relationship with Morrigan is growing and hope we get to see a lot more of her.

As you can tell, we both love this book! The third book will be released next year and it’s already on our lists. Have you read Nevermoor? Or have there been any middle grade books lately you’ve loved and we should really check out? Let us know in the comments!

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