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For the past five or six years, every August, I my boyfriend and I go help at Castlefest. It’s a four day festival here in The Netherlands. This year Isabelle even joined us for a couple of days. For the first time I had Saturday off and of course while we walked around, I did some shopping.

So today, I’m going to share my castlfest haul. I’d say it’s a fun festival, if I can buy books there, haha.

Before I start showing you what I bought, I decided it would be fun to give a bit of an impression of this festival. First of all, when I go and help there, we help sell mead. This alcohol is made with honey and really good!

We started on Thursday around noon and we were all shocked how busy it was. That’s one thing we always know, Castlefest is hard work. It’s amazing watching people come there that are dressed up (a lot of amazing costumes) and just enjoying the atmosphere. The picture I will post below this paragraph is the idea of how long the line was to buy mead. This line started around three and didn’t end until around eleven in the evening!

At the end of the weekend, you always ask yourself why you volunteer to help, but can’t wait to go back the next year. We have an amazing crew and the whole thing is just a lot of fun. Add some nice weather and you have a fun weekend.

Now that I’ve showed you what Castlefest looks like, it’s time to show you what I bought. Of course, I bought some books, but I’ll show you the things I got besides those.

First of all, a friend bought me a really sweet bookmark! While walking around on Saturday I also found two Harry Potter pins. I have a piece of leather hanging on my bookcase for pins, so it’s fun adding new ones!

We also found a stand selling T-shirts and totebags with different ‘geeky’ prints. Isabelle and I are in a D&D group with my boyfriend and a couple of friends. When I saw this tote bag, I just couldn’t resist! It’s a big one as well (according to the owner, it fits two board games, haha) and pretty sturdy.

Now it’s time to show you the books that I bought. While walking around, I ended up buying five books.Oops! Haha. Last Christmas, I received Spellsinger and this one has sprayed edges. While I was shopping, I saw the next three books in this series in the same editions. I just had to get them!

As you can see, these covers are gorgeous! I really love it when books have sprayed edges, so these books made me very happy! Now I just need the fith book like this and I will have all of them so far.

We Hunt the Flame has been on my radar for awhile. I’m happy I waited to buy this one though, because I love the UK cover. On top of that, this is a “floppy” paperback. I love these ones, because there so nice to hold when you’re reading.

Last, but not least, I bought was The Whispering Skull. This is the second book in the Lockwood & Co. series. I’ve heard a lot about this series and a friend of ours is a big fan. I had ordered the first book before Castlefest, because Jonathan Stroud was coming to Castlefest. Unfortunately, my copy didn’t show up on time, so I got the sequel there, so I could have it signed!

Like I just said, Jonathan Stroud visited Castlefest. He did interviews on Friday and Saturday that I couldn’t attend, but there was also a signing Saturday afternoon I was able to go to. Even though I haven’t started this series, I couldn’t miss the chance meeting him.

We were one of the first ones in line and got to talk to him for about fifteen minutes. He told us about this stay here and how much he was enjoying it. I loved hearing about his experiences here. When asked if Lockwood & Co. was done for now he said it was, but he does have ideas for a future spin off. After a bit, people started lining up behind us, so we got going.

I’m glad I had the chance to meet him and hope to read the first two Lockwood & Co. books closer to Halloween!

All in all, it was a busy, but fun few days! Hopefully some other authors will visit us next year. Have you met any authors recently? Let me know in the comments!

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