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One of my favorite TV shows is One Tree Hill. My boxset has been staring at me and I think I need to watch this one again soon! I loved everything about it: friendships, romance, family and even the drama!

I was really happy when I saw this One Tree Hill Book Tag. This tag was created by KEYREADTHAT. Let’s take a look at the prompts for this tag!

Nathan Scott
a character with a talent you want

Sophie in Truly Mine, is an amazing violin player. I’ve always thought that the violin and cello are beautiful instruments. I love the sound they make. Learning an instrument is something that’s always interested me, so I would definitely love that talent!

Lucas Scott
One of your first fictional crushes

When I started reading again after Harry Potter, my first fictional crushes were Jacob and Edward from Twilight. I remember reading the first book and not being able to put it down. I wonder what I would think about it so many years later.

Haley James
a fierce character with a good side

As I’m typing this, I’m reading Godsgrave. The main character Mia is definitely fierce, but there is a good and softer side to her. For a character that has experienced what she has, in many ways it’s surprising she was able to stay in touch with that side of herself!

Peyton Sawyer
an emotionally strong character

After recently re-reading The Exact Opposite of Okay, the first character that pops in my head is Izzy. After very personal pictures of Izzy are leaked, things get really rough. Izzy gets called every name in the book and is blamed for many things men wouldn’t be. I think she stayed really strong and kept on going even when many people would’ve given up!

Brooke Davis
a character with the best development

Julian is unable to save his twin brother after an accident and this destroys him in many ways. After being away from home for a year he comes back. Julian blames himself for the accident and thinks that the better twin died. As this story goes on with help from some unexpected people, Julian realizes he’s worth more than he thinks. I loved seeing him follow his dream and open up!

Mouth McFadden
favorite side character

I have a lot of favorite side characters, but one that’s been on my radar most recently is Layla’s best friend Stacy in White Hot Kiss. She’s really funny and I love how her mind works. In many situations all she’s thinking about is how hot she thinks Roth is! I need to continue with my reread soon!

Julian Baker
favorite adaptation

Even though Harry Potter will always be my favorite adaptation, I wanted to choose something different as well. To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before is so much fun as well. I loved this trilogy and am very pleased with how it was transformed. The second one will be ready next year and I’m excited!

Clay Evans
favorite protective character

Dax is a very protective character and that also makes him so sweet. After his best friend dies, he makes sure he’s there for his sister. When Dax finds out she has a lot going on and needs help, he steps in right away. He kind of turns into a caveman who thinks he needs to control everything, but it was very sweet and even funny at times.

Quinn James
favorite female character

How can I choose only one character?!? In all honesty, this one changes as I read books. I am able to read a lot, so I come across a lot of amazing female characters. If I have to choose one, Peyton is my choice for now. She experiences some very traumatic things, but in many ways turns it into something positive. I love her outlook on things and how confident she becomes.

Dan Scott
a bad character that gets redemption in the end

For this one, I have to choose Snape. Even though everyone thought he was evil and couldn’t be trusted, his ending was actually pretty sad. I always had a feeling there was more to his story, but never expected it to end how it did!

Tree Hill, North Carolina
a fictional place you’d like to visit

There are so many fictional places I would love to visit: Hogwarts, Ketterdam, Nevermoor and Velaris are the first ones that come to mind!


It was a lot of fun visiting my favorites in One Tree Hill. If you’re also a fan, feel free to tag yourself, but please let me know if you do! I’d love to see your answers. What fictional place would you like to visit?

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  1. One Tree Hill used to be my favorite show! It will always be a special one for me. Especially for the music!

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