Looking Back At Our Bookhauls | February 2022

It’s time for one of the scariest posts of the month! We’re looking back at our bookhaul from February 2022. What new books did we get that month and which ones did we read? We’re not always the best at actually reading the books we got so this post reminds us of some of those books we were super excited for! Let’s take a look!
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Bookhaul | February 2023

It’s March 1st, so time to take a look back at February. To start off we want to talk about the books we added to our shelves in March. Did we add any? If so, what books did we get? If we did get any, hopefully we’ve already read a couple, haha. Keep on reading for our February bookhaul.

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Looking Back at Our Bookhauls | February 2021

Now that we’ve talked about what we read and bought last month it’s time for the scary part of the new month. We try and keep ourselves accountable, so it’s time for a new Looking Back at Our Bookhauls. What did we collect in our February 2021 bookhaul? And more importantly, did we read them? Keep on reading to find out.

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Bookhaul | February 2022

We’re in March! Both our birthdays are in March and there are always a ton of great book releases this month so it’s exciting it’s here, haha. Today we want to share the new books we acquired in February. We try to be more mindful of our TBR’s, does that influence our bookhauls? Read on and find out how are February bookhaul turned out! Continue reading “Bookhaul | February 2022”