Bookhaul | February 2022

We’re in March! Both our birthdays are in March and there are always a ton of great book releases this month so it’s exciting it’s here, haha. Today we want to share the new books we acquired in February. We try to be more mindful of our TBR’s, does that influence our bookhauls? Read on and find out how are February bookhaul turned out!


So February ended up being a month I added more books to my TBR than I was planning to. Oops! It did help that a gift certificate and selling some bookish goodies paid for 4 of these books. And  I have to say though that all of these books (except one) are on my list of books to read in March, so I should be able to have a pretty good looking back at our bookhaul post next year. In February I added 7 books to my shelves.

Barbarian Alien – Ruby Dixon

So I plan on reading Ice Planet Barbarians in March and I saw that the sequel also received a special edition cover. Basically I can continue with the second book if the first one leaves me curious enough to continue. I really don’t know if these books will be for me, but I’m open to trying something new.

It Will End Like This – Kyra Leigh

It Will End Like This is a group read for TBR and Beyond in March and I’m also hosting it. A contemporary take on the Lizzie Borden story and a psychological thriller? Yes, please! I’m very curious to see how dark this one gets. This will be one of my first March reads and I’m excited.

The Reckoning, Shadow Princess, & Cursed Fates – Caroline Peckham & Susanne Valenti

So a friend of mine recommended reading Zodiac Academy. There are 7 books out now and some novellas. I read the first one and enjoyed it more than expected, so when I was almost done with Ruthless Fae (the second book) I decided to order the next few books physically. The books are really pretty and I want to start tabbing this series. I’m off of work for two weeks in March and I’m hoping to fly through these three (even though they’re all huge).

House of Sky and Breath – Sarah J. Maas

I debated quite a while if I was just going to stick with the e-book or if I wanted the physical books. With a hand that still bothers me every once in a while I try and stay clear of having to hold huge books. But when a friend mentioned she got the physical copy to also be able to tab important things that got me thinking. I did that for the first book, so I should do it for House of Sky and Breath as well.

Girls of Fate and Fury – Natasha Ngan

So I finally got around to reading the first two books in the Girls of Paper and Fire series. And this was definitely a case of why did I wait so long?!? I’ve really enjoyed the story and characters. I read the first two for a reading series group I help host for TBR and Beyond. March is time for the third and final book and I realized I hadn’t added it to my shelves when it released last year.


You probably guessed it, but once again I didn’t add any new books to my TBR! And while it makes for boring posts, I’m very proud of myself haha. While I love love love getting new books, I also need to get my TBR under control and be a bit more mindful of my spending.

So those were our (or Candyce’s, haha) bookhaul(s)! What did you think of them? And did you add any new book to your TBR? Let us know in the comments down below!

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