Looking Back at Our Bookhauls | February 2021

Now that we’ve talked about what we read and bought last month it’s time for the scary part of the new month. We try and keep ourselves accountable, so it’s time for a new Looking Back at Our Bookhauls. What did we collect in our February 2021 bookhaul? And more importantly, did we read them? Keep on reading to find out.


I’m always afraid of these posts, but I know I did read quite a few of the books I bought and received in 2021. So it was a pleasant surprise to see that was the case in February 2021. I am very proud of how I did! In February 2021 I added 4 books to my shelves.

The Ex Talk – Rachel Lynn Solomon

I was really looking forward to this romance and it was so good. Rachel Lynn Solomon was already an author I loved, but with this one she definitely became an auto buy/read author. This whole fake dating trope or being exes in this case was a lot of fun to read about.

Winter’s Orbit – Everina Maxwell

I’ve come to the conclusion that I’m really bad at reading my Illumicrate books, haha. Winter’s Orbit was one of them from last year. Apparently this book was pitched as something I don’t know meets Red, White and Royal Blue. Seeing how I loved that one I’m intrigued. Science fiction is a genre I need to read more of, so I’m hoping to read Winter’s Orbit this year.

Magic Mutant Nightmare Girl – Erin Grammar

I have to say I still love how colorful this cover is and I had such high hopes for this story. In the end Magic Mutant Nightmare Girls wasn’t a book for me. It fell flat in some places and just didn’t make sense to me in others.

Kill Joy – Holly Jackson

The A Good Girl’s Guide to Murder trilogy has been a lot of fun. I loved the first two books and really need to read the third and final book. This is definitely a reminder I need to add it on my TBR ASAP. Kill Joy was such a fun novella and I was sad when it was over.

End Result:
Read: 3/4 – 75%
1/4 – 25%


Last year I started being more mindful of my spending so I have a pretty good feeling for the coming year for these posts! There will be a couple months when I failed but there will also be months I didn’t buy anything. So let’s take a look at February 2021.

Kill Joy – Holly Jackson

I loved the first two book in this series so of course I had to have this prequel novella as well. It was so much fun! And writing this reminds me I need to read that last book asap haha. I really enjoyed this series and it’s a shame to leave that last book for too long.

End Result:
Read: 1/1 – 100%
0/1 – 0%

That was sooo satisfying haha

So that’s our looking back at our bookhaul for this month. We did really amazing! Have you read any of these? Let us know what you thought in the comments if you have. Also, do you keep track of if you read the books you buy?

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