Tag| My life in books…

I have been looking around on a few blogs trying to figure out what tag I wanted to do first. It’s a hard decision, because there are a lot of fun tags out there! That’s when I spotted My Life in Books tag on my friend Melissa’s blog (Melissasbookworld). I’m tagging myself at the moment, haha. Keep reading if you want to know about my life in books!

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Tag | Gilmore Girls Booktag

There are so many great tags out in the bookblogging world that it was pretty hard to decide which one I wanted to do today! I looked at a couple of tags over at some friends blogs and found the Gilmore Girls Booktag again, I did this one last year over on my Dutch blog but I really wanted to do it again for you guys! As I said then, Gilmore Girls is one of my three all time favorite tv shows and my love for it will never ever die.  Continue reading “Tag | Gilmore Girls Booktag”