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As you know, besides books, I love TV shows. Supernatural is a favorite of mine and I finally caught up with the last episodes of the recents season a couple of days ago. So I was really happy when I stumbled upon The Supernatural Book Tag on October Tune.

I will be so sad when this show ends, but we have one more season to enjoy and this tag, let’s take a look!

The Colt: If you could own a fictional item, what would you choose?

These first two answers are going to be pretty predictable, haha. As a big fan of Harry Potter, I have to choose items from that series. For this first question, I choose the invisbility cloak. I think it would be really cool to be able to sneak around.

The Impala: If you could own a fictional vehicle, what would you choose?

Like I already said, another predictable answer. I would choose the flying car Harry and Ron use to get to Hogwarts when they can’t get on the train. I would probably be unlucky and crash into a tre as well. If the car didn’t work out, I could always try a Firebolt!

Crowley: A villain you love to hate.

Instead of a Supernatural tag, I could’ve made this a Harry Potter tag, haha. A villain I love to hate is Umbridge. Even though there have been plenty of villains since then, she’s one I will never forget and the one I hate the most!

Sam and Dean: Two characters from different books that’d make a perfect team to fight evil.

Even those these two series are by the same author, I think I would like to see Feyre and Aelin come together and fight evil. They both had to fight enough and are both so strong in their own way. Both also have amazing crews behind them. The two teams working together could be unstoppable!

Dean and Cas: Two characters from different books that’d make a perfect couple.

I left this question open while I answered all of the others and I still can’t think of two characters from different books that would be a perfect couple. I’m probably thinking this through way too much, but I’m drawing a blank. If you have thought of this and have a perfect couple, let me know in the comments.

Bobby: Your favourite fictional mentor-figure.

Once again, I’m repeating myself here. My favorite fictional mentor-figure is Hagrid! He’s just so sweet. Things don’t always go as planned, but he has a heart of gold. Hagrid would do anything for Harry, Hermione and Ron.

The Angel tablet: One of the best books you’ve ever read.

I have read a lot of amazing books, but I think I’ll take one of my more recent reads. Tell Me Goodnight by Kelsey Kingsley is such an amazing story. My review isn’t up yet, but it will be soon. If you haven’t read anything by this author, I really suggest giving her a try.

The Demon tablet: One of the worst books you’ve ever read.

Luckily, I haven’t read many books that I really didn’t like. I know my taste in books pretty well, but a blurb doesn’t always do a book justice. In the case of Goodbye, Good Girl, I was expecting a completely different book. The beginning was good, but the turns in the rest of the book really bothered me and didn’t make much sense.

Shapeshifters: A book with a much better cover in a different country.

The Exact Opposite of Okay was one of my favorite books last year. It’s releasing in the States in June, but they did a cover change. In all honesty, it will never beat the UK cover. If you’ve read the story, you will understand the American cover, but the UK one suits it so much more.

Hunters: A character you would love to hunt.

I would love to hunt down Eli or Mac from Guarded Dreams. These characters are really amazing and I wouldn’t mind being a part of a story with those two. Both earn a place on the book boyfriend list, so definitely check them out!

Chuck/The Author: A book of which you guessed the plottwist/ending already.

While reading Better Than Me, I had a feeling I knew the way the ending was going to play out. In all honesty, most romance books or contemporaries are pretty predictable. For the first time though, Better Than Me made me wish I didn’t guess right. I was actually sad the author took the path at the end that she did.

Castiel’s trenchcoat: A book that looks much better without its dustjacket.

The UK covers that were release of Caraval had hidden covers underneath the dustjackets. These are all really stunning and I love when books have hidden stuff like that. The publisher did the same thing for Legendary and Finale, but I didn’t like those as much.

Carry On My Wayward Son: Put your playlist on shuffle and play the first song. For which book is this song the perfect soundtrack?

The song that pops up is Pink’s It Hurts 2B Human. This is a song that could be in the soundtrack of so many books that I’ve read, so I decided to choose a more recent read to answer this question. Written with Regret is such an emotional story and both characters had a childhood that no one deserves. Dealing with that wasn’t easy and I think this song is definietly for these two characters.

Charlie: Your ultimate fangirl/boy moment so far.

Since blogging there have been quite a few fangirl moments. I’ve met quite a few authors I love. My favorite will always be the contact with indie authors though. I love the fact that I can just send them messages on Instagram and fangirl about their books. I have to say that I love that aspect of the bookish world.

And one to make it extra hard: Marry, Kiss, Push off a Cliff: Sam, Dean, Castiel.

This is an impossible question for a Supernatural fan, but if I HAVE to choose. Marry Dean, Kiss Castiel and push Sam off a cliff.

So that’s it for The Supernatural Book Tag that was actually a lot of fun! If you’re a fan of Supernatural, feel free to tag yourself. Make sure to let me know in the comments if you do, I would love to see your answers! And for the fans, what is your favorite episode so far?

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  1. This was so much fun! For vehicle, I’d choose the Night Bus, as terrifying as I would be. I’ve never watched Supernatural, but it’s on my “when I get to it” list of shows. It sounds right up my alley, so it’s weird I never got into it. Thanks for a fun read!
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  2. This is so fun! I also love Supernatural. Though TBH, I have only watched the first 7 (well, 7 and a half) seasons. After the first 5 I loved the way that ended and couldn’t get back into it. Anyways, I enjoyed reading this post!

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