Tag| The Weather in Books Tag

I don’t know what it is lately, but I’ve been having a hard time finding book tags that look appealing. After searching Google for awhile, I stumbled upon The Weather in Books Tag. I saw this tag on Pages Below the Vaulted Sky. I couldn’t find the original tag, but let me know if you know who the creator is and I’ll make sure to add a tag.

So let’s take a look at this book tag!

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Tag | Shadow and Bone Netflix Tag

Just 15 days and Shadow and Bone is life!! I am so incredibly excited for this Netflix show and I can’t wait to see it all come to life. This is a tag I found on Youtube, it’s a bit different from the usual tags we do as it’s all about the Grishaverse and not just book questions in general. Let’s jump in!
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Tag | One Tree Hill Book Tag

When I was looking for tags for today I wondered if there was a One Tree Hill Book Tag. So I googled it, and guess what I found haha. We already did this tag! Or at least, Candyce did haha. Since it’s been quite a while since Candyce did this tag, I decided I could do it today as well. One Tree Hill is one of my absolute favorite shows ever and I want to rewatch it just thinking about this tag. Let’s jump in! Continue reading “Tag | One Tree Hill Book Tag”

Tag | Charmed Book Tag

Charmed is a show that I watched a really long time ago and enjoyed. A TV channel here in The Netherlands started showing the show all over again and I couldn’t resist watching. That made me wonder if there was a book tag and there was, so today it’s time for the Charmed Book Tag. This tag was created by Just Me & My Books. Let’s take a look!

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Tag | Evermore Book Tag

I found this book tag inspired by Taylor Swift’s album Evermore! How exciting?! I love Taylor Swifts music and her last two albums are amazing. So of course I wanted to do this Evermore book tag. This tag was created by Ahaana from Windows to Worlds. She also created gorgeous graphics for this tag and I just couldn’t not use them <3. Let’s jump in! Continue reading “Tag | Evermore Book Tag”

Tag| What Cats Do Book Tag

I’m a big fan of cats and have two of my own, so when I saw this What Cats Do Book Tag I knew I needed to give it a go. For some reason I can’t remember where I found this tag, but it was originally created by Kate from meltingpotsandothercalamities. I wasn’t tagged, but I decided to do this one anyone. Let’s take a look at the tag!

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Tag| ’90s Cartoon Book Tag

It’s not always easy lately to find book tags I either haven’t done or think look like fun. I did finally find one on ZeZee with Books. That’s where I found the ’90s Cartoon Book Tag. Growing up in the ’90s I loved watching cartoons and definitely miss some of the ones around back then. Let’s take a look at this tag!

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Tag | Wayward Children Book Tag

I’m currently reading the newest Wayward Children book; Across the Green Grass Fields, and I thought it would be fitting to find a book tag that goes with the series. After a short search online I found an original tag over at Penelope the Paperback Cat‘s Youtube channel! It looks great, so let’s jump in! Continue reading “Tag | Wayward Children Book Tag”

Book Tour| Cast in Firelight – Dana Swift

Today is my spot on the book tour for Cast in Firelight by Dana Swift. This tour is hosted by TBR and Beyond Tours. I was supposed to post my review today, but this week didn’t go as planned. I’m only halfway through the book (and loving it so far), so I’ve decided to try Nine Bookish Lives‘ unofficial tag for that she created for her spot on the tour. Definitely check her blog out.

Also keep on reading, because there is a giveaway during this tour!

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Tag | New Years Eve Book Tag

The very last day of 2020 is here! This has been a very weird year and I’m glad we’re moving into a new year. For today I have the last post of the year and it’s going to be a tag. I found the New Year’s Eve Book Tag and that was just perfect! Leelynn created this tag so go check her blog out. For now, let’s jump into the tag. Continue reading “Tag | New Years Eve Book Tag”