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Tonight are the final two episodes of The Big Bang Theory and then it’s all over. As a big fan of this show, I’m really sad about that! To honor this show a bit, I looked to see if there was a tag. The Big Bang Theory Book Tag was created by Reading by Starlight. Let’s take a look!

The Fish Night Light – a book that may have been rocking its crazy but was still kind of brilliant

Smoke & Key is definitely a more out there book than others that I’ve read. I mean how many books have characters who are all dead and named by the objects they had with them. This was definitely an unique read and while at times I wish certain things were explained more, I enjoyed Smoke & Key.

The Hawking – the author that would be like your equivalent of Physics Genius meets Stephen Hawking

I have so many authors that belong to this prompt for this tag: Cassandra Clare, Sarah J Maas, Jennifer L. Armentrout, Leigh Bardugo, Jay Kristoff, Kelsey Kingsley, LJ Evans and so many more! There are so many gifted authors.

The Euclid Avenue – the book so full of bumps and (plot) holes that it proved annoying to read

Bad Girls Academy is a book that was filled with many plot holes and certain events just didn’t make sense. The word academy in the title is rather useless, because we barely read about the characters in the academy. In my opinion is was too focused on the appearances, etc.

The Spock Napkin – the book for which you had low or moderate expectations, and then it was so beyond awesome that you wanted to hug it and love it and shout about it forever

Red, White & Royal Blue just came out, but I was lucky to get an ARC on Netgalley. A lot of people who had gotten their hands on this book said it was amazing. I was afraid the hype would be bigger than the actual story. It turned out this book was amazing! I loved everything about it and all the feels. Red, White & Royal Blue will definitely be one I pick up again in the near future.

The Awkward Fanboy – the book that seems to follow you around the blogosphere, and you know you don’t want to read it but it won’t leave you alone

I’ve been sitting here and thinking about this one since I started this tag and nothing comes to mind. If I eventually think of something I will add it to the tag later!

The Classified Materials – the book with a spoiler so huge, when anyone asks, you just can’t even say because the spoiler is such a big part of it

The GIrl King has a few twists and turns you definitely don’t want to know before reading the story. I think they’ll have a big impact on how this story continues and can’t wait to see how the author will have everything play out.

The Jiminy – the book that gets mistaken most often for the wrong genre, and you’re constantly arguing for why it’s this other genre/subgenre

When Waste of Space was about to be released, it was promoted for fans of Illuminae and I kept seeing people say it was science fiction. That couldn’t be further from the truth. In all honesty, it’s just a weird reality show. In all honesty, I still don’t know what to think of this book.

The Adhesive Duck – the book that was all cute and cuddly and then WHAM YOUR FEELS AND OW AND YOUR HEART AND WHAT JUST HAPPENED

My Life As a Country Album is a book you know if going to destroy you emotionally, because the first chapter already gives you a hint that something is going to come. After getting to know the characters and attached to this amazing love story and reading all the memories once you get to a certain point you definitely get hit in the feels! I can’t recommend this book enough though!!

The Zazzy – the book that’s got so much personality that it’s just ZAZZY and there’s no other word for it.

David from Watch Me Unravel has such a personality you can’t miss it. He seems really arrogant in the beginning, but there’s so much more. Believe me when I say you will want more of this character when you’re done reading this book! I don’t know if zazzy is the right description, but he’s definitely something.

The Hot Troll – the book you thought would be beautiful and fabulous and then it turned out to be horrible and gross

Blackwell sounded like a good start to a series, yes, it sounded darker, but that doesn’t have to be a bad thing. Reading it though was at times pretty distubring. A main character obsessed with a woman and while it wasn’t described, rape was something hinted at. The way he thought about women definitely turned me off of the rest of the series.

The Zarnecki – the book with an antagonist so evil/mean/disgusting that you’d drive many hours just to knee him/her in the … well you get it

Anderson isn’t the worst character I’ve read about, but he definitely got on my nerves. He wasn’t friendly at all to girls and at times I really wanted to smack him. In one of the books, I got to understand him a bit more, but the next book he prove my point and I ended up not liking him again, haha.

The Train Tour – the book with the development/ending/sunken ship/whatever that proved so upsetting, you contemplated running away forever so you didn’t have to deal with your feels

If you’ve ever read anything by Rebecca Yarros you know she hits you in all the feels. I’ve never read a book by her that didn’t have me in tears at least once while reading. Her latest book, The Last Letter, topped them all. I was a wreck while reading most of it and at the point I thought we were in the clear she does something that shatters the heart she just put back together again. I’m still not over that book, haha.


So that’s it for this tag and the series unfortunately! Any Big Bang Theory fans? Feel free to tag yourself and tell me who your favorite character is!

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