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The last few times I’ve done a tag, I’ve had a lot of fun doing ones related to TV shows I really enjoy. I recently binge watched season 3 of This Is Us and I was hooked again. It’s definitely one of my favorites. So I decided to google a This Is Us Book Tag. I found this tag created by The Perks of Being a Weasley. Let’s take a look!

Name a character that struggles with fitting in.

In the middlegrade book Secrets of a Fangirl, the main character Sarah Anne is struggling with finding her place in high school. A lot is changing and she feels like she needs to do certain things to fit in. The things that make her happy aren’t seen as something popular and Sarah Anne struggles to find her way in that. I loved this story!

Name a character that struggles with body issues.

The main character in The F Word, Peyton, was always a curvy girl. After losing her brother in a tragic way, she gains weight, because she eats away her feelings. Peyton is trying to lose the weight, but struggles with the way kids treat her at school. Her journey is an amazing one though and she becomes more confident  during her story.

Name a character that has a big ego.

Dominic is the CEO of a hotel chain and he knows he’s smart. He’s pretty arrogant when it comes to business. At first I wasn’t sure if I would connect with him, but once we got a few scences with him and his little girls, it was clear there was a lot more to Dominic than meets the eye. The big ego can be so much more! The Two-Week Arrangement is a fast and fun read.

Jack and Rebecca
Name a couple that’s perfectly imperfect.

Tessa and Jon from Tell Me Goodnight are perfectly imperfect. Both of them definitely have their own flaws and past, but for some reason they just work! It’s hard not to love them and want them to have their happily ever after. Tell Me Goodnight is definitely a ride, but an amazing one!


This is a shorter tag, but definitely involved our main characters! Who knows, maybe when the new season starts I will write a new tag with some extra characters. If you love the show, feel free to do this tag, but don’t forgot to let me know if you do! Any fans of This Is Us?


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