Review| The F Word – Michelle MacQueen & Ann Maree Craven

I always love giving authors that are new to me a chance and it’s always great when it ends up being a book I love! It’s even better when these new to me authors write books that are really meaningful and make a statement. The F Word turned out to be a book like that! A big thanks to the authors for providing me an ARC to read and review! This book won’t be released until June 13th, but I want everyone to know about if before the release day gets closer.

One party. One accident
Six lives changed forever

Peyton Callahan refuses to let the F word define her

She has always remained body positive, never letting others’ perceptions color her view of herself. But after the accident that claimed her brother’s life, Peyton’s weight spirals out of control and she succumbs to the label her peers forced on her years ago.
The fat girl.
In the aftermath of tragedy, Peyton’s world falls apart and worst of all, her best friend and almost-boyfriend, Cameron, leaves her behind, too damaged and heartbroken to ever see her the way he once had.

Cameron Tucker—the jock and all around track god—believes he lost everything the night a car accident sent him and his friends plunging over Defiance Falls.
His friend Cooper: Dead.
Cameron’s Olympic dream: Gone.
And Peyton: Will never look at him the same way again.

So, he does what he once did best, he runs, escaping Twin Rivers and everyone in it, never expecting to return, never imagining he’d have to face the girl he still loved but left behind.

Eighteen months later, he is no longer the boy any of them remember. Except Peyton. No matter how hard he tries to hide, she still sees him, still believes in him.

What will she say when she discovers just how broken he is?


If you’re looking for a fluffy read, then The F Word isn’t for you. If you’re looking for a book that really hits you with all the feels and deals with things that we sadly see in society these days, pick it up! This book is filled with grief, healing, finding out who you are, bullying and second chances.

An accident a year and a half ago changed Peyton’s and Cameron’s life for ever. They both suffered great losses and are dealing with the consequences and the grief surrounding it all. These two characters have always been best friends, but after the accident Cameron wasn’t around for awhile. Fast forward to now and he is coming back to their small town and everyone is still dealing with that tragic night.

Peyton has gained some weight since losing her brother and her best friend going away and not talking to her anymore. Dealing with this grief hasn’t been easy, but she’s doing her best to pull herself out of it. For me Peyton is a really strong character. She fights for her healthy body, but isn’t obsessed. Peyton learns to love her body in this book and that was amazing to see! She is also so smart! Creating a Body Positivity app for her classmates to share stories and help each other is an amazing idea! Everyone needs a safe spot to share what’s bothering them.

Cameron was on track to become an athlete at the Olympics, but that night changed his life. Being away for a year and a half and not talking to Peyton has changed him, but he just didn’t know how to face everything. In many ways he realized that running maybe wasn’t what he wanted in life, but where does that leave him now? Cameron is also a character that comes to see himself differently and learn that the accident changed him, but doesn’t mean he’s only his disability. He becomes strong enough to go to his parents and finally say what he wants and that takes a lot of guts.

The romance in this book was really sweet and I loved how these characters got to know each other all over again. What happened changed both of them and I would’ve thought it was weird if they went back like nothing had happened. Dealing with their grief meant finding their new way with the other. There were many sweet moments and that was nice between all the emotions and healing!

Like I said Peyton makes a Body Positivity app, because after being bullied at school she knows that everyone needs a place to vent that’s safe. She just never expected it to take off. I loved the little pieces we got to see of this. Society these days makes things like that necessary. Too many times kids are bullied, because they’re a bit “different”. I am a strong believer that everyone is great just the way they are. Teenagers don’t realize what their words can do to someone and it’s awful! I think teenagers need to read this book.

The F Word was a book that warmed my heart in the end, but was so heartbreaking to read. These authors made all of these characters feel so real that you just wanted to hug them! I loved that these characters weren’t perfect and knew this and how much they grew in this book. Life isn’t perfect and things happen that we won’t like, but I think this book does show us that things can turn around. They may not be the same, but everyone can find their way!

The F Word is another book I think is really important for teenagers these days to read! Even adults can use the messages these authors are trying to have everyone hear. What you say to someone and how you act can have such a big impact that you don’t even realize! It’s never right to make someone feel like they’re not good enough!

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