Show Sunday | First Impressions: Nancy Drew – Season 4

Nancy Drew has been one of my absolute favourite series from the past couple of years. Last month season four started, and very unfortunately that will be the final season. I don’t understand how this show got cancelled, it’s a masterpiece in my opinion. But here we are. I watched the first couple of episodes and wanted to share my first impressions of the final season, so let’s take a look! There will be spoilers for the first 3 seasons.
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Show Sunday | La Casa de Papel – Final Season

As you all know I watch a ton of shows. And one of my most anticipated shows for this month (and actually this year) was the final season of La Casa de Papel. I loved this show throughout the first 4 seasons and after watching the first half of the final season earlier this year I just had to watch these episodes right away. And today I want to share my thoughts about them, so let’s jump in! Continue reading “Show Sunday | La Casa de Papel – Final Season”

Show Sunday | On My Block – Final Season

Today I want to talk about On My Block. The final season was recently released and of course I watched it haha. I was very happy to see we got a final season as I loved the first 3 seasons but wanted more. Last week I watched all the episodes after first rewatching the previous seasons. Let’s jump into my thoughts about this final season!
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Show Sunday | Lucifer – Final Season

Last week the final season of Lucifer was released. And while I tried to somewhat pace myself I did watch the whole season in a couple of days haha. I just couldn’t stop watching and had to know how it would all end. Today I want to tell you my thought about this final season.
There will be spoilers for previous seasons!
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Show Sunday | Supernatural the Final Season

It’s been almost a month since the very last episode and now it’s time for me to talk about! Supernatural has ended after 15 seasons. The last half of the final season was postponed because of COVID-19 but this fall season it finally aired. And now it is all done. So let’s talk about it! Continue reading “Show Sunday | Supernatural the Final Season”

Show Sunday | The 100 – Final Season

I’ve posted about this before, and you might remember that The 100 is one of my absolute favorite shows ever. A year and a half ago I rewatched the first 4 seasons right before the fifth season released. I love this show so much and was pretty sad when it was announced this seventh season would be the last. This week series finale aired, let’s talk about it!
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