Show Sunday | Lucifer – Final Season

Last week the final season of Lucifer was released. And while I tried to somewhat pace myself I did watch the whole season in a couple of days haha. I just couldn’t stop watching and had to know how it would all end. Today I want to tell you my thought about this final season.
There will be spoilers for previous seasons!
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Show Sunday | Atypical Final Season

Last week I finished watching Atypical. I had been looking forward to the last season for a while now! Although it was also dreading it, as it’s the final season and it’s all done now. I love this show a lot and I’m sad it’s over. But first I get to discuss it will all of you! So let’s get into it.
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Show Sunday | Spanish* Shows On My To Watch List

Yesterday I watched In The Heights and I LOVED it! While the majority of the movie is in English, it is about the Latinx population in the US and we also hear a lot of Spanish. Combine this with watching Elite (and the short stories) last week and it reminded me of all the Spanish shows I wanted to see. I say Spanish shows, but I mean Spanish speaking shows, so they could also be Mexican for example. Let’s jump in! Continue reading “Show Sunday | Spanish* Shows On My To Watch List”

Show Sunday | Shadow and Bone

I don’t think there’s anyone who hasn’t heard about Netflix newest hitshow. Shadow and Bone aired April 23rd and while I tried to pace myself I did finish watching it in a day or two haha. Today I wanted to share my thoughts about the show with you all. So let’s jump in! Continue reading “Show Sunday | Shadow and Bone”

Tag | Shadow and Bone Netflix Tag

Just 15 days and Shadow and Bone is life!! I am so incredibly excited for this Netflix show and I can’t wait to see it all come to life. This is a tag I found on Youtube, it’s a bit different from the usual tags we do as it’s all about the Grishaverse and not just book questions in general. Let’s jump in!
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Show Sunday | Ginny & Georgia

A new show aired on Netflix not too long ago and of course I already watched it haha. After watching all of the episodes in about two or three days I want to talk to you all about Ginny and Georgia. It’s supposed to be the new Gilmore Girls. Was it anything like Gilmore Girls or was it something completely different? Let’s talk about it! Continue reading “Show Sunday | Ginny & Georgia”

Show Sunday | First Look: Bridgerton

On Christmas Day the newest Netflix show, Bridgerton was released. You probably heard about it already since it’s an adaptation of the Julia Quinn book series Bridgerton. Yesterday I watched the first couple of episodes and today I want to share my first impression. Let’s dive in! Continue reading “Show Sunday | First Look: Bridgerton”