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As you all know I watch a ton of shows. And one of my most anticipated shows for this month (and actually this year) was the final season of La Casa de Papel. I loved this show throughout the first 4 seasons and after watching the first half of the final season earlier this year I just had to watch these episodes right away. And today I want to share my thoughts about them, so let’s jump in!

An unusual group of robbers attempt to carry out the most perfect robbery in Spanish history – stealing 2.4 billion euros from the Royal Mint of Spain.

On September 3rd the half of the fifth and final season were released. Our crew was still in the bank, the professor was in trouble outside and I was still incredibly sad about a certain characters death. December 3rd the final 5 episodes were released and I watched them all in one sitting. I just couldn’t stop and I still can’t believe it’s all over.

this is the trailer for the second half of the season, beware of spoilers!

I don’t even know were to start haha. At the start of this final season I had some ideas about where it all would go but I would’ve never expected a certain characters death and somehow one of my most hated characters turned into someone I loved.

I’ve seen some criticism about the originality of the later seasons but I still really enjoy this show. You never know what’s going to happen and I just love the brilliance of the professor. These final episodes hold a twist I never saw coming!

This season we say goodbye to all the characters but we had to say goodbye to someone a bit earlier than the rest. And that was so emotional! I didn’t see it coming and up until the moment it actually happened I still didn’t think it would haha. All throughout that scene I kept yelling at my screen!

I wasn’t a big fan of the flashbacks this season. They felt like a filler and just a way to show fan favorite Berlin. I’m not a big Berlin fan so I didn’t think they were necessary. But I’ll admit in the end they were worth it!

Overall I just loved this final season. It ended perfectly in my opinion! I can’t believe it’s actually over and want to rewatch it from the start. And I might just do so over Christmas break. I would highly recommend this last season (and the whole show of course!) I you watched it, what did you think of the final season? Did you see that death coming? And the twist in one of the last episodes? Let me know down below!

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  1. It was so good! Like you, I was in total shock about that death – did not accept it at all haha! I actually love Berlin as a character, so I didn’t mind the flashback quite as much, but I can totally see what you mean about them feeling like filler at times. I was really surprised by the ending as well, but maybe more so by how much I started loving Alicia as a character!
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