Fangirl Friday | Rewatching The 100 (S03&S04)

In my last Fangirl Friday article I talked about rewatching one of my favourite tv shows; The 100. As it was becoming quite the Fangirl rant I decided to split it into 2 articles. In the first part I talked about season 1 and 2. Today I’ll be talking about season 3 and 4! I’m typing this up while watching so it might seem a bit disorganized haha. I will be discussing everything so there will be SPOILERS.

Season 3

As I said before, season 3 is my least favorite one but I’m excited to see what I’ll think about it this time around. I know there’s a lot about to happen!

Almost 3 months pass for our heroes but for me it was about 3 minutes haha. So it was interesting to see they all had some minor transformations. Not gonna lie, don’t like Clarke’s hair haha, good thing it will be back to normal soon.

We also get our first look at Roan, I thought he was so creepy at first! Can’t believe that i started to care so much about him. Wish season 4 would’ve ended differently for him.

What I love most about this first episode are the songs, that’s a thing in general I really like about this show but that performance by Shawn Mendes is simply the best thing ever. I’ve been listening to “Add it up” over and over again, it fits so well with the show and he did the song so so well.

And there’s Pike, that guy really pisses me off! Especially knowing what he’ll do and who he’ll kill.

I loved seeing Lexa fight, that battle with Roan was so well done and really showed why Lexa is commander. Once again I was quite happy to see that spear fly haha. Unfortunately this is also were I think her ending started. I know Titus only tried to protect Lexa and that he did the best he could but this was not the ending Lexa deserved AT ALL. And now we’re stuck with stupid Ontari. She is such a despicable person.

Talking about despicable, once again I didn’t see Echo’s betrayal coming. While I knew the mountain would be blown to pieces I forgot how it went down. I really love Bellamy but his reaction was the worst thing ever. He saw how everything played out with Finn but he still went with Pike and killed all those people. Last time I talked about perspective and doing what you need to do to survive but even though Bellamy is one of our heroes, he’s clearly in the wrong here. I’m happy he’ll come around eventually but it will come at a very high cost.

Mini fangirl moment, Miller is such a cutie and he has become one of my favs fast! I’m more focused on him now I guess and I can’t believe it took me so long to love him. He and his boyfriend are so cute together <3

I thought it in the last season and I was thinking it again this time around, having cellphones would’ve been so much easier. People could warn each other faster and communication could be improved a lot. At the same time that probably wouldn’t make for an interesting show, but still haha.

Just had to include this since Radioactive inspired me to rewatch everything haha

I still can’t believe the people of Arcadia chose Pike as their leader and I will forever hate that guy. I knew what was coming this time around but the ‘treason’ and the escape from execution was so sad. I’m happy we got most of our people back on track and on the right side of things but as I said it came at a high cost. The first time I watched it I kept thinking they wouldn’t kill Lincoln, right up till the last possible second I hoped he would be saved. You’d think I would’ve learned from Finn, they do not spare people in this show! Although they can’t keep going like this or we won’t have any characters we love left haha.

Poor Raven, she has been trough so much, and now all that torture by and for ALIE really sucks! I do love her character though, she is such a badass and she just keeps on going no matter what. I hate Jaha even more for helping ALIE think of that way to get people to join. Holding a gun to a loved one’s head will do the trick! I’m really feeling for Monty, he’s a pretty underrated character in my opinion. Killing his own mom to save his friends, and everyone else for that matter, was so hard to watch. I never liked his mom, especially not after she sold him out but it was still his mom. Also, Sinclair! I almost forgot to talk about him, I really miss him. I loved his relationship with Raven and he would’ve been so useful! Talking about Raven, where the hell did Wick go? He was just gone all of a sudden.

And then we have Luna, I never really liked her (LOVE her hair though!), but the second time around I really dislike her, knowing what will happen in season 4! I do understand the choices she made and that she stands for her principles but that doesn’t mean I’m happy with them.

I understand why Jasper took the chip but he’s become a shell of his old self. He was such a great character and while he still has his use I won’t miss this version of him.

That season finale was pretty intense! I was expecting for everything to be all right in the end but we took some hits! So many people died but somehow Jaha still survived haha, I kept hoping that this would be the end of him, but no…. I loved that we got to see Roan again, wish we had more screen time with him. I love his character a lot. And I really really liked that we got to see Lexa one more time, such a sweet moment between her and Clarke. And then right after, we got some BAD news haha. I did not see that coming and was really surprised the show was taking us there. 6 months before the whole world dies… Now that’s pretty grim haha. It’s like being back on the Ark! Luckily this time I didn’t have to wait a year, just a minute šŸ˜‰

Season 4

And we’re starting seconds after season 3 stopped. Once again we’re fighting to save all of humanity! Clarke starts off by concealing the truth about what she found out. And while that makes sense, it also reminds us of what happened on the Ark. How she was imprisoned for wanting to tell the people of the Ark the truth and how her father died for that. Her friends try to remind her of that and she tells them and herself that that was different, but was it really? I don’t think so! But being in charge and trying to save so many people, you have to make the hard choices.

The way the list was composed made a lot of sense but it must’ve really sucked for the people who weren’t on there.

Even though Illian destroyed the Ark and at that point the only manner of survival I like his character! Might be because he’s cute šŸ˜‰ Haha. I also think he’s good for Octavia and what she needs at that point.

Once again Raven gets a tough break, with her stroke and all! I also feel bad for Harper, first not making the list, then having that guy die after she left him outside. I’ve come to like her a lot (still ashamed I didn’t notice her in the first season!)

More tough choice for Clarke and Abby, trying the night blood solution on that guy. I really liked Emori and how clever she was in that moment. That was pretty cut-troat but can you blame her?!

I hate how Jaha tries to insert himself again and tries to be import for everyone. Like I said before, I preferred him dead. I get that he tries to make up for what he did but since I didn’t like him to start with, I definitely don’t like him now haha. He will be important for the survival of everyone but I hope that’s the last time.

I think Jasper’s storyline was done really well. I will miss the Jasper from the first 2 seasons but he changed so much. And while I totally get those changes they weren’t for the better. It was clear he couldn’t handle life anymore and it would’ve been so unfair if he got one of those 100 spots Skycrew got in the bunker. The scene with him and Monty saying goodbye was really breaking my heart but I loved it so so much.

Octavia is such a badass! I loved the episodes where all the clans fought for the bunker. It shows what an amazing fighter she has become but most of all what an amazing human being she is. Lincoln would be so so proud of her for sharing the bunker with all the clans. It also fits her character very well, she was more of a grounder than any other character right from the start. I was quite sad to see some of the ‘losers’ die though! Seeing Illian and Roan get killed like that was pretty brutal, especially Roan’s death! I did very much like the next scene with Luna and Octavia though.

Trying to decide who got to stay in the bunker and who would be thrown out was pretty heart breaking (also, they were total dick heads for that move! Although, if Octavia had lost I would have been pretty happy they did that probably haha). I loved that Abby tried to give herself up but was saved in the end by Kane, they do really need her! They should start training more doctors haha, hope they were sensible and did just that when they were just waiting there for the last 6 years. I was crying so hard for Miller and his dad, I loved that his dad gave him an extra entry but I just wish they both could’ve come. And in the end it didn’t even matter, but okay šŸ˜‰ I was surprised that Bryan wasn’t with them in that moment, not really the time to be apart from your boyfriend… Hope they didn’t just write him out like Wick!

Oh Clarke, always trying to save everyone. I was so happy when we got that space solution and I’m so excited to find out what they have been up to on the old Ark. But I was pretty shocked they had to leave Clarke behind (I know, how can I still be shocked after all those deaths haha). I did really think she was going to die in that scene and honestly I wouldn’t even have been that mad about it. I think it would’ve been a good death, giving her friends another opportunity at live. Then again, I am very happy she’s still alive and kicking, especially after seeing the season 5 trailer. CANNOT WAIT FOR IT!

6 years and 7 days later, super excited to find out what happened to everyone. The ship we see in the trailer is a prisoner transport, and when watching the last season closely, I think those prisoners were mentioned before by Abby and Jackson in Becca’s lab. I didn’t catch it the first time around but knowing what was coming I realized that was what they were talking about. As I said, I’m so excited to see what has become of everyone, I’m hoping for a ton of flashbacks. I’m kinda debating watching the whole thing again haha!

Now we just have to wait for April 24th… How excited are you?!

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  1. Oh lord.. I think I might have to rewatch this soon! I am so not ready for season 5! I miss Lexa in this show, she really deserved more. But good thing Octavia is still here. I do love my badass females ?

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