Buddy Review|Severance – S.G.D. Singh

After reading the first two books of this amazing series we needed to read the last. Even though we both didn’t want it to end, we needed to know how it ended. Our expectations were high. Did the author meet our expectations?

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Buddy Review| One Dark Throne – Kendare Blake

After both reading Three Dark Crowns and loving it, we knew we both needed to read One Dark Throne. Buddy Reads are a lot of fun and it’s nice to be able to rant about the book you’re reading, haha. To find out what we think about One Dark Throne, keep reading.

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T5W| Books I’m Thankful For

It’s time again for Top Five Wednesday. This weekly meme was created by Lainey from Gingerreadslainey and all the info is posted in this Goodreads group. Tomorrow is Thanksgiving in the States, so this week’s theme is books we are thankful for.

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Review| Recklessly Forbidden – Emily Bowie

Not too long ago I participated in the cover reveal of Recklessly Forbidden and was lucky enough to get an ARC of this book. When this review comes online it’s the day this book releases! To see what I thought of this book, keep on reading!

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Event Impressions | Harry Potter Afternoon

Little over a week ago, the Intratuin (a kind of gardensupplies store) in my village hosted a Harry Potter event. I wasn’t able to go to the whole thing because I had a babyshower that afternoon, but after that my mom and I quickly went there to take a peak. I was still able to get some fun pics and get to do the most exciting thing of the whole event. Curious what that was? Keep on reading! Continue reading “Event Impressions | Harry Potter Afternoon”

Review|The Bed Mate – Kendall Ryan

I have read a few of the books from the Roommates series by Kendall Ryan. I have talked about Kendall Ryan before, so I wanted to make sure to get a review up from something written by her. This one caught my eye and I just felt like reading it.

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Buddy Review|Trust Me, I’m Lying – Mary Elizabeth Summer

If you have been following us, you would’ve seen that in our bookhaul, we both got this book for a project. While we’re not describing the project yet we wanted to let everyone know what we think of this book. In January the idea of what we are exactly doing will be made clear, so just a little more patience. But first it’s time to let you all know what we thought about this book.

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Buddy Review| They Both Die at the End – Adam Silvera

We have been reading a lot of the same books lately, haha. So once again we have another buddyread for our readers. This time a book that we have both really been interested in since it was released and finally made time to read. Keep reading to find out what we thought about this book!

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