Bookish Item | 2022 Reading Goals Update – Part 2

Every year we set up some reading goals to challenge us during the year. Last week Isabelle posted her mid year 2022 reading goals update and this week it’s my turn. How have my goals been going so far? What still needs some work? Keep on reading to find out!

Goodreads Challenge

This is one of the only challenges I manage to complete every year, haha. I decided to lower my Goodreads goal to take the pressure off a bit and hopefully motivate myself to read some of the bigger books on my shelves. So I wanted to read 100 books this year and at this moment I’ve read 104, so that’s going great.

Bigger Books (500+ pages)

So I didn’t set a certain amount of bigger books I wanted to read, but just wanted to motivate myself to do so. As I’m typing this I’ve read 8 books that are 500+ pages. That’s not too bad if I say so myself. Hopefully I’ll beat the 13 I read in 2021.

Backlist Books/Physical TBR

I feel like a broken record when it comes to this reading goal, but I really need to get to my backlist. There are so many amazing books releasing, but there are also some amazing sounding books already on my shelves. Last year I read 33 backlist books, but so far in 2022 I’ve only read 9 backlist books. Oops! I definitely need to work on this goal the rest of the year!!


Every year I keep setting a goal of finishing 12 series each year, but I don’t think I’ve accomplished this yet, haha. I’m just so bad at finishing series I start. I’ve finished three series so far this year and hope to add quite a few to this list before the year is over.


Okay, this is the goal I’m the worst at out of all of them. It’s only gotten worse since I started running TBR and Beyond Tours. I get all of the e-arcs, so I don’t think that account is ever going to reach the 80%. So I decided to start with a clean slate on a different account and keep my current account just for tours. I’m at 6% now and actually just finished a book this morning, so I can leave feedback soon. I’m determined to get this one to 80%.


So that’s how my goals are going so far this year. Do you have any reading goals this year? How are you doing? Let me know in the comments! I’d love to hear from you.

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