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Just a couple more days and we’re in 2022! We say this all the time but this year has flown by. Once we’re actually in 2022 we will be looking back at our reading goals for 2021 but for now it’s time to set some new ones. It’s always fun to think about what we want to achieve in a year. So let’s take a look at what we want to do next year while we talk about our 2022 reading goals.


2021 was an interesting reading year and I’ve been able to meet some of my reading goals I set this year. There are also some goals I didn’t completely meet, but will definitely take with me to next year. I’m hoping 2022 turns out to be an amazing reading year with amazing books. So here are the goals I want to work on next year.

Goodreads As usual I like to challenge myself with a certain amount of books to read during the year. The last couple of years I’ve set this goal pretty high at 200. Next year I’m going to make this goal a lot lower. I’ve noticed that I tend to avoid the bigger books on my TBR. So I’m going for 100 books next year. I’ll probably pass this, but I’m hoping I’ll let myself read more of the bigger books on my shelf.

Bigger Books (500+ pages) I’m not going to set a certain amount of bigger books to read, but I do want to read more of them than I have. This year I read 13 books that were 500+ pages. So I’m hoping to pass that next year.

Backlist Books/Physical TBR This will probably be a yearly goal. This year I did really well. I read a total of 80 physical books and out of those there were 33 on my shelves before 2021. That’s definitely progress for me, so I’m going to keep that going next year.

Series I’m always surprised when I look at the series I’ve started and how many of those I could complete with reading only one more book. So I’m going for 12 series again in 2022. I’ve finished 7 this year, so it’s not nothing. I just want to finish more.

Netgalley Getting my feedback ratio up feels like a never-ending battle at times, haha. It was out of control for quite some time, but since I started running TBR and Beyond Tours with a few friends it’s gotten even worse. My feedback ratio is at 35% right now (I do have over 10 reviews to write and turn in and I’ll be doing that before the beginning of the year). I want to get to at least 60%. At the moment 80% is just a bit too much to expect. Unless I were to read nothing but e-galleys, haha.


2021 was not a great year reading wise. I was super busy with my studies and new job so there wasn’t much time (or energy) for reading. In 2022 I will graduate and I hope my job will take up less energy since I’m settling in it more. So hopefully I can achieve some nice reading goals this upcoming year. This is what I have come up with.

Goodreads as always I set my Goodreads goal. This upcoming year I’m setting it at 100 once again. The last two years I didn’t manage to reach that goal but I’m optimistic haha. I also don’t want to make it to easy for me.

Backlist books my tbr just keeps on growing and growing but I really want to shrink it a bit. I hope to read 50 backlist books this year. While I normally only count books I owned before the year started, I’m just happy if I finish 50 books I own myself haha. That way my TBR will definitely shrink considering how many books I bought this year.

Series one of the goals I think I’ve never hit is finishing series. I would love to at least finish 12 series but I’m not sure that’s realistic. Nevertheless, I’m going to try haha. If I can just finish one series a month I’m good to go!

Netgalley my current ratio is 38%…. Not great haha. While I would of course love to get it to 80% I think I want to try and get it to 65% in 2022. Definitely ambitious, but also doable I think! I also have some amazing eARC’s so I really want to finally get to them.

These are our reading goals for 2022! What do you think of our goals? Will we achieve them in 2022? And have you set some goals for yourself? Let us know down below!

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