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We’ve been lucky so far that it hasn’t been really warm here… until now. The temperature is rising and it’s expected we’ll have a little heat wave. So, what’s a better time to do a summer book tag? I searched on Google and found The Summer Bucket List Book Tag created by Tiffany from Read by Tiffany. Let’s take a look at this tag!

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The Bridge Kingdom takes place by the water. This was such an interesting story. It really took a bit for me to get hooked, but once I did I really loved this book. Even though I still don’t completely understand the bridge and how it all works, I love the characters and the politics. The way the story ended has me anxiously awaiting for the sequel releasing in September!

If you’re looking for a firey romance, I definitely suggest picking up Wicked. Ivy and Ren are definitely on fire. I love their relationship and the humor in it. And I can’t forget the steamy scenes we get in this book. This author knows how to give us romance. I’m so glad I decided to do a reread of this trilogy, because it’s so good.

If you’re looking for a journey with amazing characters and that’s just a really good read, I suggest The Ship of Shadows. I read this middle grade recently and couldn’t put it down. Like I said when I posted it, I may just have found a new favorite of the year. Magic, an all-female pirate crew and cake. What else do you need?!?

The most recent book that left me starstruck was Slay by Brittney Morris. I didn’t want to put it down and the story just really sucked me in. I was hit in all the feels. I finished Slay a couple of days ago and am still trying to put my thoughts into words. Slay really impressed me and I can’t wait for this author’s next book releasing next year.

A more recent contemporary read is one that I just couldn’t put down. You Should See Me in a Crown is so good! I loved the plot, the characters and just everything about it. When books leave a big smile on your face, you know that it’s one you won’t forget. I definitely see myself rereading this one in the future.



Date Me, Bryson Keller has been one of my favorite romances this year. Again, I couldn’t put this book down and loved every minute of it. Bryson and Kai start out in a fake relationship, but it’s clear as it goes it could be more. This book really hit me in all the feels. If you love sweet romances and are a big fan of contemporary books, definitely pick this one up!



Shielded was a breath of fresh air for me! I loved the world building, the characters, the politics, the twists and the romance. This was another book that really pulled me in and I really enjoyed. What I really appreciated was the pacing of the romance. In many books it’s either instalove or they’re together before you’ve even had time to blink. The author had this thought out and it shows.

Poppy’s life has never been her own. During From Blood and Ash, she starts exploring more and thinking about what she wants. When she starts figuring out things aren’t what they seem, Poppy starts to take control. Even though it’s still not clear what’s going on, Poppy conquered many obstacles in the first book of this series.



I’ve been thinking about this one and I honestly don’t read enough books with delicious food. One of my August TBR books apparently has delicious food, but I haven’t read it yet, haha. The only book that comes to mind is Heartless. Our main character loves baking and some of the desserts in this book sound amazing!

Another prompt that I had to think about for a bit. Warrior Blue is the book that eventually came to mind. Kelsey Kingsley writes book that really make you feel something and think. This book released at a time I just lost a loved one and it just really hit I guess. If you’ve never read anything by this author, I really suggest you change that soon.





I normally don’t tag people for these things, but this time I thought it would be fun! So I tag:

So if I tagged you, participate if you want to! Also, any other bloggers feel free to tag yourself. Let me know if you decide to do this tag though, I’d love to see your answers. What’s on your summer bucket list this year?

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