Tag | Most Popular Books On My TBR

So this isn’t really a tag but I saw it over at Destiny’s blog Howlinglibraries and thought it would be fun to do as well! We’re going to look at the most popular books on my TBR. The idea is super simple, you go to your Goodreads want-to-read shelf, sort the books by number of ratings and look at the first 10 (or 20). I decided to pick my own-tbr shelf, that’s my shelf on Goodreads for books I already own but have yet to read. So these books are on my actual TBR. I also decided to take a look at the 10 highest rated books on my TBR and if there was much overlap. So let’s take a look at the most popular books on my TBR. Continue reading “Tag | Most Popular Books On My TBR”

Tag| The Summer Book Tag

Summer is just about here, well at least temperature wise. On the 15th I’m going away with my boyfriend for a week, so I thought a summer book tag would be fun to do. I didn’t have any ready, so after searching on Google, I stumbled upon this tag on A Book Lovers Playlist‘s blog. Let’s see if this tag can get me ready for my vacation!

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Tag| The 100 Truths Tag

We normally post bookish tags on Thursdays. But today we decided to do something a bit more personal, so our readers can get to know us a bit more. We were tagged by Sincerely Karenjo to do The 100 Truths Tag. It’s odd though, because there aren’t 100 questions, haha. After looking through a few posts, we found one as complete as possible.

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Tag| Fictional Boyfriend Tag

This was the first week in quite a long time that I didn’t have a tag ready. So to choose a new tag, I decided to Google Book Blog Tags. I stumbled upon this Fictional Boyfriend Tag on The Book Nut‘s blog. Answering these questions is going to be hard, because there are plenty of good ficitional boyfriend candidates.

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Tag | An Ember in the Ashes Booktag

I love watching booktube videos on YouTube and about a week or two ago I watched a fun video by one of my favorite booktubers: Super Space Chick. She created the An Ember in the Ashes Booktag and I thought it would be fun to do that one today. I really enjoyed the first two books in this series and I’m excited for the third book to come out. The questions in this tag are not ones I’ve seen in many other tags so I’m excited to do this! Let’s get started. Continue reading “Tag | An Ember in the Ashes Booktag”

Tag | Beauty & the Beast Book Tag

While looking for a fun tag today today, I came across this Beauty & the Beast book tag over at Kat’s blog nosestuckinabook. She did this one because Beauty & the Beast is her favourite Disney movie and you guys might know that it is my fav as well! I love all things BatB so this tag was perfect to do today. I really enjoyed filling out these answers, hope you all love reading them! Continue reading “Tag | Beauty & the Beast Book Tag”