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As you might know, both Candyce and I are participating in the yearlong Cosmeralong. So I thought it would be fun to do a Cosmere tag. This Cosmere Book Tag was created by Read and Found Out. Let’s jump in!

1. Elantris: A book or series where the magic fails its people

There is only one series I can think of and that is the Snow Like Ashes series. I quite enjoyed this series but I have to say the magic element wasn’t my favorite. It’s a pretty ‘easy’ fantasy and I read the series super quickly.

2. Mistborn: Your favorite ragtag gang

This is one of my favorite things in books, and I can’t resist a fantasy that has this element. My favorite ragtag gang will always be The Dregs from Six of Crows. I adore this world and these characters and I can’t wait for the Netflix show.

3. Warbreaker: An interesting family dynamic

I think there are a ton of books with interesting family dynamics. One I really enjoyed is This Savage Song by V.E. Schwab. We see two families with very different dynamics and it was so interesting to see both.

4. Stormlight Archive: The biggest book you’ve read, and the biggest book on your TBR

The biggest book I read is A Storm of Swords by George R.R. Martin, the third book in the A Song Of Ice and Fire series. This one is 1179 pages so it’s pretty big one! When looking at my physical TBR my biggest book is The Fiery Cross by Diana Gabaldon, the fifth book in the Outlander series. This is another big one with 1443 pages! I recently read the fourth book in the series, so I’m ready to jump into this big one.

5. Alloy Era: A series continuation (or prequel/sequel) you didn’t like as much as the original

I’m going to flip this question and pick a series continuation I liked better than the original! The original trilogy in the Shatter Me series wasn’t my favorite, especially the first book. But I like the start of the new trilogy a lot better! Especially the first book (because I pretty much hated the second one haha).

6. White Sand: An underdog you root for

At the end of last year I finally gave into the hype and read The Cruel Prince. Jude was a great character to read about it and I was definitely rooting for her. As a human in a Fae court she was definitely an underdog.

7. Arcanum Unbounded: Your favorite anthology (collection of short works)

I adored the novella collection Ghosts of the Shadow Market within the Shadowhunters world. Some of my favorite novella’s ever are included and I especially loved the audiobook of this one. Highly recommend it for any Shadowhunters fan.

8. Investiture: Coolest magic system

I’m currently quite impressed with the magic system in the Mistborn series. Candyce and I read the first book in January/February and we both loved it. The magic system is super cool and I can’t wait to read more set in this universe.

9. Shadesmar: A book with alternate realms

I’ll have to use the Shadowhunters universe again! We’ve seen some alternate realms and I know some people hated this part of the story but I personally liked it a lot. I would like some recommendations for book with alternate realms though!!

10. Who do you tag?

I tag anyone who’s interested 😉 There were some unique questions and I love that in a tag!

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