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I came across a bit of a different but still very fun tag for today! Unfortunately I couldn’t find the creator and I believe it went around on instagram for awhile. But please don’t quote me on that haha. I found the tag over out at Alyssa’s blog. It’s a super easy tag to let’s jump right in!

For this tag, you look at the 5 emoji’s you used most recently and you pick a book to go with each emoji! I love using emoji’s so let’s see which 5 I’ve used most recently.

I decided to go for a bit of an older book for this one. As soon as I saw this emoji I knew I had to pick a book with a swoon worthy romance. And for me that’s The Wrath and the Dawn! I know it’s a pretty messed up story, but I adored it! This book made me fall in love with Renee Ahdieh writing and she hasn’t let me down yet.

I use this emoji allll the time haha. And of course I had to pick a hilarious book to go with this emoji. There is a super underrated gem out there, that I thought was super funny. And that is That’s Not What I Heard. I was part of the blog tour when it released last year and I honestly thought more people would pick this up. Basically the whole time I was reading this, I was laughing out loud!

The heart emoji obviously needs a book I love. One of my favorites. And since I’m currently reading the sequel, I had to go with Wicked Saints. I was surprised by how much I loved this book last year. And I’m so happy I got an eARC for the sequel. I won’t say anything about it yet but you can expect my review soon.

This emoji just conveys happiness. And a book that made me happy was Deadly Little Scandals. This book (and actually the other book in the duology, Little White Lies, as well) reminded me why I love Jennifer Lynn Barnes so much. She is truly one of my favorite authors ever and I wish more people read her books. So maybe start with this duology 😉

And this is already my last emoji! The raised hands just has a bit of a ‘you go girl’ vibe to me. So I picked a book with a kickass heroine! Kylene from Dare You to Lie is somewhat based on Veronica Mars and I don’t think it gets more kickass than VM. Amber Lynn Natusch used my favorite tv show as inspiration for her book series and she did it perfectly. Please all go and read this series <3

This was the Emoji book tag! I hope you had fun reading it, I certainly enjoyed writing this post! What is your most used emoji? And what book would you pick for that emoji? Let me know in the comments!

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  1. Love your post!! I also loved Dare You To Lie when I read it a little while back, and still have to read the second one in the series!

    1. Thank you! The sequel is so good!! I got to participate in the blogtour and I cannot wait for answers. Love this series so much

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