Bookish Item | Isabelle’s 2021 Beat the Backlist Bingo Part 1

Candyce and I started thinking about our reading goals for next year and came across the bingo from Beat the Backlist. We always try to read more and more of our backlist books and this year we want to try the Beat the Backlist Bingo. There are 2 options, one with 24 prompts and one with 52. I’m going to be super ambitious and try to do the bingo with 52 prompts. Candyce and I both wrote two posts with all the prompts and the books we think we’ll use for them. Officially you can use any book published before 2021 but I want to use only books I’ve gotten before 2021. Let’s jump in! Continue reading “Bookish Item | Isabelle’s 2021 Beat the Backlist Bingo Part 1”

Bookish Item| Beat the Backlist 2018

As you all have read before, we both want to tackle our TBR this year. We both have a good amount of books that need to be read and we want to lower that number as much as we can. Then we heard about Beat the Backlist organized by NovelKnight Book Reviews. Today we are talking about what it is and our goal for Beat the Backlist.

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