Bookish Item | Isabelle’s 2021 Beat the Backlist Bingo Part 2

Candyce and I decided we wanted to try the 52 prompt bingo by Beat the Backlist! Two weeks ago I shared my tentative TBR for the first 26 prompts. And today I’m back with the second half. Almost immediately I realised I should’ve looked at all the prompts at the same time because some of the books I used last time are actually perfect for this weeks prompts haha. However, I made something of it ;). So let’s take a look!

Snake on the cover
(we bet you can think of a few…)

This was an easy one! I have Ninth House and it has the infamous snake on it haha. It’s unbelievable I still haven’t even tried this one but I’m still super curious. So I really want to read this one next year.

On the Indie Bestseller list in 2020 or earlier
(you can find the list archive by clicking here)

It was really fun to look at the indie bestseller lists! I never did that before. When I looked at the 2019 YA list I immediately saw Orphan Monster Spy and I’ve had that one on my TBR for about a year now I believe. I was super interested in this historical fiction title and I can’t wait to find out if it lives up to my expectations.

Historical with a twist
(stories set in history that didn’t quite happen that way)

I loved the first two books in this series! Mortal Heart is the third and last book in the original trilogy. This series is set in fifteenth century France and I love it. It’s been awhile since I read the first two books but I never picked up this last one.

Character has a dream scene
(if the protagonist details a dream then wakes up, you’ve got a dream scene)

I have no clue! For now I’m picking Strange the Dreamer, just because it has dream in the title haha. Hopefully I will find a book somewhere along the way in 2021.

Set in autumn
(at least part of the story)

I really wanted to start this one this December but I guess I’ll leave it until January haha. The Good Girls starts in autumn, the second sentence even mentions it! I’m pretty sure this is going to be a 5 star read and I can’t wait to read it.

Based on non-Greek/Roman mythology
(literally any other mythology works here)


The Red Pyramid has been on my TBR for years now. This is the perfect time to finally read it! I think it will be very interesting to read about Egyptian mythology as I haven’t done so that much.

Non-binary protagonist
(the book’s protagonist identifies as non-binary)

I already used Pet for another prompt but I guess I will have to come up with another book for that one. Pet is the only book I have on my TBR with a non-binary protagonist. Obviously this means I need to get more of those, but for now this is the book I pick for this prompt.

A book with illustrations
(anything from graphic novels and manga to small illustrations throughout an otherwise text-heavy novel)

I’m going with The Promised Neverland for this one. At this point I’m not sure which volume just yet. I’m currently at the sixth one but I might read one of two of them before the end of the year. Luckily I have a couple of them on my TBR!

WTF plot twist
(those twists that make you wonder WTF, whether it’s in a good way… or bad)

This is hard to pick beforehand! And I’m just not going to do it. If I think about it for awhile, or google it, I might come up with a book. But I think that might ruin the WTF moment a bit. And I don’t want that to happen.

Second book in a duology
(time to get to that duology you started but haven’t finished yet)

Even with duologies I don’t manage to finish series, it’s shameful! But this is the perfect opportunity to read Daughter of the Siren Queen and finish a series at the same time.

Non-fairytale re-telling
(any spin on something that isn’t a classic fairytale)

Everyone seems to love The Song of Achilles and I can’t believe I still haven’t read it. I love that is has fantasy elements and I think I will love this story a lot. Greek mythology is super interesting and I truly hope it will live up to the hype.

From your 2020 backlist TBR
(a backlist book you planned to read last year… and didn’t)

Sooo many haha. But I will go with King’s Cage. I have been planning to read this one for so long now. And I also own the last book in the series. After a disappointing second book I never had the courage to read this one. But I loved Red Queen so I just need to go back to the series.

Book where the woods/forest are important
(exactly like it sounds, the woods or forest are an important part of the story in some way)

I picked The Queen of Blood for this one. Not sure if woods or forest are actually important in this one but there are trees on the cover so it counts?

Black and white
(interpret as you wish)

Since I can interpret this as I wish I’m going with Black-Eyed Susans. Black is in the title and the title is in white so we have both black and white! I think this mystery might be a very fast read and hope it is a satisfying one as well.

(generally under 200 pages)

This is How You Lose the Time War is a little over 200 pages but for me it still counts. I’m so excited to read this one and I can’t wait to experience it. Time travel is a super interesting concept to me so I hope I’ll love this one.

Person on the cover
(character art or models count!)

The third book in the series released last week and I still haven’t read the first book. My friend wrote Crown of Conspiracy so obviously I have to read it. Candyce already did and so absolutely loved it!

(here is where you can play the anthology card, short stories generally around a theme with one or more editors)

Language of Thorns has been on my TBR for years and I can’t believe I haven’t read it yet. The Grishaverse is one of my top favorite worlds. Lately I have been enjoying anthologies more and more so it might finally be the time for Language of Thorns.

Has a map
(any kind of map will do!)

I already added Godsgrave to the first half of the list and now I want to add Darkdawn as well. Nevernight was one of my favourite books last year and I really want to continue with the series. It would be great to actually finish the whole series and not leave the last one unread for years ;).

Book about bones OR “bone” in the title
(take your pick, a book featuring bones prominently or one that has the word “bone” in the title)

When I bought Ink and Bone I immediately wanted to read it. Turned out I accidentally bought the second book. So I had to wait before I got a copy of the first one and by then I had moved on to something else. And I never went back to it unfortunately. Now might just be the time!

Good book, bad cover
(another one exactly as it sounds, you liked the book but the cover is… not good)

I don’t have that many books with bad covers! And the ones I do have, I’m honestly not expecting to be that good. Hopefully that changes this coming year! And if it does, you’ll be the first to know!

Brings out the geek in you
(whether it’s a fandom dream or you’re just really into rocks and this book talks about rocks, whatever makes you geek out!)

Like I said, I love time travel. And I also love history. Invictus combines the both of them and I think this might be right up my alley. The reviews aren’t great but I think I will like it nevertheless!

Bought it for the cover
(we’re sure you’ve done it at least once)

I’ll admit I bought The City of Brass because the cover is gorgeous. Of course I was also interested in the story but the cover was definitely what made me pick it up. Candyce loves this book a lot so I have high expectations.

Book written in verse
(a novel told through poetry)

I don’t think I own a book written in verse! So I really hope I still find one. Or pick one up right before the year ends haha ;).

Includes a 2nd person point of view
(at least one character narrates the story as “you walk” or “you go” vs “I walk/They walk”)

I don’t read many books that include a 2nd person point of view. All though I did read some mysteries with that format. I didn’t know The Fifth Season had chapters like this and some readers struggled with it. Still excited for the book though!

Author has a book releasing in 2021
(let’s support authors’ backlists! if they have a new book coming out, count any of their previous books published in 2020 or earlier)

I’m picking Lifel1k3 for this one. Empire of the Vampire releases next year and I’m so excited! Jay Kristoff has become a favorite author of mine, great writer, amazing person and awesome world builder! Can’t wait to see what he did in Lifel1k3.

Mentions a pineapple
(yes we’re serious.)

Hahahahaha, I don’t have a name in mind! But I would love to hear any recommendations you might have for me 😉

These are the books I picked for the last 26 prompts! I haven’t picked everything and nothing is set in stone. But I do have a place to start and I really want to try and make my way through this bingo in 2021.

6 thoughts on “Bookish Item | Isabelle’s 2021 Beat the Backlist Bingo Part 2

    1. Oh thank you, I thought I saw it on a list with Non-binary characters but maybe it was a combined list. I still can’t wait to read it, it definitely fits one of the prompts but I might have to find another one for this prompt then. Pretty sad I own so many books and none of them has a non binary mc….

    1. Happy to hear you liked Black-eyed Susans!! And yes, Nevernight was amazing <3 Hope we both love the sequels

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