Bookish Item| Candyce’s 2021 Beat the Backlist Bingo Part 2

Two weeks ago I talked about the 2021 Beat the Backlist Bingo and posted my possible TBR for the first half of the prompts (2021 Beat the Backlist Bingo Part 1). There are 52 prompts, so there was too much to put into one post. So today I’m back with part 2. Let’s take a look at the last 26 prompts for this book bingo.

Snake on the cover
(we bet you can think of a few…)

I’ve been wanting to read Ninth House for quite some time, but when I recently heard we’re not getting the sequel until 2022 I decided to wait a bit. 2021 still seems like a good year for this one. I’ve heard so many amazing things about Ninth House!


On the Indie Bestseller list in 2020 or earlier
(you can find the list archive by clicking here)

When I opened the list to look at the Indie Bestsellers I was surprised by how many I haven’t read or don’t own. I had to go back to 2017 to find a book that would fit this prompt. Crazy Rich Asians is a book I’ve been wanting to read for some time now, so this seems like the perfect moment.


Historical with a twist
(stories set in history that didn’t quite happen that way)

Rebel Spy is a re-imagining of the story behind Agent 355. She was a spy for George Washington during the Revolutionary War. I’ve been loving historical fiction, so it’s time to give this one a go.


Character has a dream scene
(if the protagonist details a dream then wakes up, you’ve got a dream scene)

I’m a big fan of Laini Taylor’s writing and Strange the Dreamer has been on my shelf for way too long! I also still need to read the third and final book in the Daughter of Smoke and Bone series. I have a feeling Strange the Dreamer will fit this prompt though, but I think it will.


Set in autumn
(at least part of the story)

The Game takes place at a school and it says they play assassin every year. I’m thinking the book will start at the beginning of the school year, so at least part of this book will be in autumn? If not, I’ll have to choose another book.


Based on non-Greek/Roman mythology
(literally any other mythology works here)

This is actually a hard one! So many books are based on Greek/Roman mythology. When I was searching for others, Wicked Saints popped up. I’m not sure what mythology it’s based on, but I think I’ll use the sequel for this prompt. I loved Wicked Saints, so hopefully Ruthless Gods is just as amazing.


Non-binary protagonist
(the book’s protagonist identifies as non-binary)

Loki: Where Mischief Lies has been on my shelf for almost a year now, so I’d think it’s time to give this one a go. I’ve read in multiple reviews that Loki is genderfluid, so I will just have to read this one for my backlist bingo.


A book with illustrations
(anything from graphic novels and manga to small illustrations throughout an otherwise text-heavy novel)

Monstress is a graphic novel with beautiful artwork. Isabelle has read a few volumes and enjoys the story. I bought the first volume and really want to give it a try.


WTF plot twist
(those twists that make you wonder WTF, whether it’s in a good way… or bad)

This is really one I can’t pick beforehand and don’t wait to spoil anything for myself. So I’ll be filling this one in when I read a backlist book with a plot twist.


Second book in a duology
(time to get to that duology you started but haven’t finished yet)

There’s only one duology I can think of that I’ve started, but haven’t finished. I need to use that one for a different prompt though. So I’m going to cheat a little and use a series I need to finish. The Naturals is a series I’ve loved and only need to finish the final book. So Bad Blood is on my list for this bingo.

Non-fairytale re-telling
(any spin on something that isn’t a classic fairytale)

Only Mostly Devastated is a boy meets boy spin on Grease. This book sounds so cute! I’m really surprised I haven’t read this one yet.


From your 2020 backlist TBR
(a backlist book you planned to read last year… and didn’t)

On my winter TBR in 2019 I decided I wanted to read The Bookworm Crush and I haven’t read it yet. I’ve even said I would read it a few times since then, so this one really needs to be on this list.


Book where the woods/forest are important
(exactly like it sounds, the woods are forest are an important part of the story in some way)

The main character in Bring Me Their Hearts longs for freedom from the woods she lives in, so in some way the woods are important. At the moment they’re keeping the main character safe. I need to know more!

Black and white
(interpret as you wish)

I decided to go for a black and white cover. I have heard amazing things about The Year of the Witching and have a feeling I’ll love this book. I believe this story is a bit darker, but that’s a nice change from all the light and fluffy books I read.

(generally under 200 pages)

It’s surprising, but I really don’t own that many novellas. One I do own and need to read is Night of Cakes & Puppets. A friend of mine gifted me this one and I plan on reading it once I finish the last book of the trilogy. Or maybe before, because it’s labeled at 2.5.


Person on the cover
(character art or models count!)

If I’m honest, I’m not the biggest fan of people on the covers. It’s not that I won’t pick them up, but I really prefer the illustrated covers. So I’m going to pick one of those. And seeing how I love contemporary so much, I decided to choose What I Like About You. This is another case of how have I not read this one yet?!?


(here is where you can play the anthology card, short stories generally around a theme with one or more editors)

I actually only own one unread anthology if I remember correctly… I have a feeling I’ll wait until we’re a bit closer to Halloween for this one. Because You Love to Hate Me is an anthology with fairy tale re-imaginings told from the villains’ POV. That’s going to be interesting.

Has a map
(any kind of map will do!)

Skyward has a few maps. They’re not the prettiest, but I really need and want to read this book. I recently heard a booktuber talk about it again and it makes me want to pick it up and read it right away. I already own the sequel as well, so I can keep on going if I want to.


Book about bones OR “bone” in the title
(take your pick, a book featuring bones prominently or one that has the word “bone” in the title)

And here’s where the duology I was talking about comes in. I read The Bone Charmer this year and loved it! This book really deserves more attention than it gets in my opinion. I bought the sequel The Bone Thief when it came out, but haven’t had the chance to read it.


Good book, bad cover
(another one exactly as it sounds, you liked the book but the cover is… not good)

I honestly can’t think of a book at the moment with a bad cover on my shelf. I’m sure I have one, but nothing is coming to mind. I’ll have to come back to this one!


Brings out the geek in you
(whether it’s a fandom dream or you’re just really into rocks and this book talks about rocks, whatever makes you geek out!)

Rare books, cons and fandoms? Yes, please. I have a feeling Bookish and the Beast will be one of the books that really brings out the geek in me. Then again, a lot of books can do this. So this may change. But I do want to read this book whether I use it for Bingo or not.


Bought it for the cover
(we’re sure you’ve done it at least once)

Look at how stunning the cover of Skyhunter is! I honestly had this in my basket once I saw on Instagram how stunning it was! I’ve only read the Warcross duology by Marie Lu, but this book sounds amazing as well.


Book written in verse
(a novel told through poetry)

I don’t own any books in verse. I have a couple of ARCs, but I only want to do my physical books for this bingo. Maybe I’ll grab one before the year is over to include in this bingo.


Includes a 2nd person point of view
(at least one character narrates the story as “you walk” or “you go” vs “I walk/They walk”)

I actually had to look this one up, because I don’t know how a book is written before I start reading. Apparently, The Night Circus is told from 2nd person point of view. It’s one I’ve been really curious about and have heard that you either love it or you don’t. I also own the author’s book The Starless Sea that I really want to read in 2021 as well!


Author has a book releasing in 2021
(let’s support authors’ backlists! if they have a new book coming out, count any of their previous books published in 2020 or earlier)

For some reason I always draw blanks when I have to think of these types of things, haha. After thinking for awhile, I finally decided to use Undercover Bromance for this one. The fourth book in this series is releasing in 2021

Mentions a pineapple
(yes we’re serious.)

I have a feeling this is going to be one I just have to stumble upon. It’s definitely a weird prompt. If you know of any suggestions, please let me know in the comments!


So this is the second half of my possible TBR for this Beat the Backlist Bingo. I’m really excited to tackle my backlist books in the new year! Have you read any of the books on my list? I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments if you have!

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