Bookish Item | Candyce’s 2021 Beat the Backlist Bingo Part 1

We’re at the beginning of December, so it’s time (for me at least) to start thinking about reading goals for next year. My backlist is one that has been on my reading goals list for the past few years and could still be a lot less than it is now. I’ve done better at reading backlist books though this year (even though only 19 of them were on my shelf before the beginning of the year).

I recently saw the announcement for Beat the Backlist Bingo 2021. There are options for a 24 or 52 prompt bingo. So two books a month or one a week. I’m going to be a bit ambitious and go for the 52 bingo. So here’s part 1 of my possible TBR of this bingo. Keep on reading to find out more!

More than one author
(a book written by at least 2 authors; not an anthology)

These Broken Stars has been on my shelf for four years now I think! That’s way too long and this really needs to change. I can’t believe I haven’t read this yet, because I hear so many amazing things about this trilogy.

Dragons OR Lizards
(a book featuring one or the other, or both!)

It took me awhile to think of a book that fit this prompt, but then I was looking through my shelves and The Last Namsara popped up. I started reading this one, but of course got distracted. The cover is stunning though! I’m excited about reading this one.

It’s on a ship!
(a book that takes place on a ship, the type of ship is up to you)

Daughter of the Pirate King is another book I hear nothing but amazing things about. It seems like it will be a fast and fun read. As far as I can tell it’s only a duology, so I only have one more book to go after reading this one.

Purple cover
(bring on the purple!)

The Case for Jamie is a third book in a series and I’ve only read the first one. So I’m putting this one of my list, so I know I’ll read the second books as well. I get two books for the price of one, haha. Even though I’ll probably have to reread A Study in Charlotte, so mind as well read the whole entire series.

Set in a major city
(this can be any major city around the globe)

I See London, I See France is another book I’ve had for over 3 years. As a contemporary lover I have a feeling I’ll love it. This book takes us to quite a few major cities, so it sounds like a fun adventure.

Book you forgot you had
(don’t lie, you know there’s at least one… well, maybe you don’t know… yet)

It’s fun to look at your shelves until you spot books you forgot your had. Girl in Pieces is one of these books. I have a feeling this is going to be an emotional read, but after realizing I had it again I know it was one I did really want to read.

Caused a major book hangover
(the book was so good that you just don’t think you can start a new one just yet)

Okay, this is going to be a prediction, because I won’t know if this is the case until I actually read a book. Cemetery Boys sounds like a book that will give me a hangover. I’ve seen a few reviews of readers saying they knew they’d miss the characters once they were finished.

Multiple points of view
(there are at least two different character perspectives)

There Will Come a Darkness has five POVs, but sounds like a book I’ll really enjoy. As long as I can tell which character is talking and keep them separated, I don’t think I’ll have hard time with this book.

Book you’re giving another chance
(you tried it before and it just wasn’t working, but maybe this time…)

I’m the type of reader that starts a lot of books at once, but gets distracted. A LOT! So there are quite a few on my shelf that I’ve started, but just haven’t gotten around to finishing. In this case it wasn’t because I didn’t enjoy it, but just got easily distracted. A Curious Beginning is one I did enjoy the first 100 pages of. I’ll have to start over, but I will finish this.

Quest to find lost/hidden object
(this can be a search for any lost and/or hidden object so get creative!)

Far From the Tree isn’t about searching for a hidden object, but for family. Our main character goes looking for her own biological family. I have a feeling this is going to be an emotional read, but I know I’m going to love it!

Chapter title page has art
(the pages that mark the beginning of a new chapter feature some sort of artwork or design)

Ruthless Gods has such beautiful chapter pages. I’m happy I have this book on my shelf for only this reason, haha. I want to do a re-read of Wicked Saints and then dive into this one, so I’m ready for the third and final book that releases in April.

Kept you up late reading
(definitely not a book you can easily put down)

If Scared Little Rabbits is anything like the other two books I’ve read by A.V. Geiger, I’ll need to make sure I don’t start this one before bedtime. I flew through those books and they left me wanting more.

Picked by a friend/trusted reviewer
(whether a friend decided it or a reviewer online you trust recommended it, either is fair game)

Isabelle loves this book and gave it to me for that reason. It’s been quite awhile since she gifted this one, so I’d say it’s time for me to sit down and read Dangerous Girls!

Non-human character
(a prominent character in the story is not human)

Heart of Iron seems like a book with characters that aren’t completely human. It’s science fiction, so I have a feeling that’s the case. If I read this and it seems to turn out differently, I’ll just have to find another book.

First line is less than 10 words
(that’s right, count ’em!)

Okay, this was a tricky one. I picked up six books before finding on that has a first line that’s less than ten words. Sweet Black Waves is a book a couple of friends of mine really love and I’m curious. The first line is: “Smoke and screams and love.”

Banned book
(need ideas? check out this list!)

It’s awful, but The Hate U Give is on the banned books list. I know this book is going to break my heart, but I feel it’s an important one to read. When I was in London a few years ago I bought a gorgeous copy, so it’s time for me to finally read it.

Cover features your favorite color prominently
(make sure that color dominates the book cover)

My favorite colors are pink and purple. Seeing how I already have a purple book on my list, I’ll choose a pink one now. Wasted Words is pretty pink and I love romantic comedies. Lighter reads are important to have in between the heavier fantasy books I pick up.

All about music
(a story where music is a strong focus in some way)

The Kingdom of Back has a female main character with a musical gift that isn’t allowed to compose because of her gender. A magical stranger makes her an offer to make her dreams come true and I’m curious to see what happens. I’ve heard amazing things about this book and the cover is gorgeous.

Character lets out a breath they didn’t realize they were holding
(if you’ve seen a line like this is a book, that’s what we’re looking for here)

I’m sure a lot of my YA books have this sentence, but I think this is going to be a book I’ll have to add to the list after I come across this line. Unless any of you know a book that has this sentence? I may have it on my shelves.

Genre you never/rarely read
(there has to be at least one genre you don’t usually pick up)

Burn the Bodies Down is a YA horror book and that’s a genre I don’t read often. It’s definitely not my go to genre, but the few I’ve read the past couple of year have been interesting.

(allll byyy itself…)

This summer really slipped away from me when it came to books I wanted to read. One to Watch was one of these books and seems like it’ll be the kind of book I love. Also, the main character is a blogger. I love when I read about characters that blog.

Lost royalty
(lost in time, lost to the world, don’t know who they are, interpret “lost” as you see fit)

Flame in the Mist has lost royalty and I didn’t realize that until I did a Google search, haha. This is another book that’s been on my shelf for way too long! I recently read The Wrath and the Dawn duology by this author and loved her writing.

Cover with your country’s flag colors
(ideally the main colors of the cover but you may have to get creative)

At this moment, I have to say it sucks I’ve already read Red, White and Royal Blue. Those are the three colors of the flag, haha. It would’ve been perfect. Okay, I’m going to cheat a bit with this one. I have the UK cover of Enchantee (now called All That Glitters), but the original US cover is red, white and blue.

Written in letters or diary entries
(yes, we mean books told through letters or diary entries, the word is “epistolary” if you were looking for it)

Letters to the Lost is a book written in letters. Our main character leaves a letter at her mother’s grave and ends up connection with a stranger. I have a feeling this book is going to make me cry, but one that’s really good.

Book centered around politics
(everything from court intrigue to presidential elections!)

The Three Dark Crowns series is all about figuring out which sister will get the throne. I’ve read all of the books except Five Dark Fates, the final installment, and I think it’s time to make sure I finish this series I’ve really loved so far.

Features a carnival or circus
(doesn’t have to be the main story, just part of it)

Legendary is the sequel to Caraval and one I need to read. I honestly wasn’t as blown away by Caraval like a lot of people were, but I do hear Legendary is better. The world is like a big carnival/circus idea. It’s mysterious and magical.

So these are the first 26 prompts and the books I possibly want to read for these prompts. Depending on what I get for Christmas, some of these may change. If you’ve read any of these, I’d love to hear your thoughts! Hopefully I can make a big dent in my backlist next year. I’ll be posting the final 26 prompts in two weeks. What backlist books do you want to read next year?

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  1. Cemetery Boys was amazing – you’re right about the book hangover. Also, I need to get it together and do something like this next year – my backlist TBR is hefty!

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