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As you all have read before, we both want to tackle our TBR this year. We both have a good amount of books that need to be read and we want to lower that number as much as we can. Then we heard about Beat the Backlist organized by NovelKnight Book Reviews. Today we are talking about what it is and our goal for Beat the Backlist.

Beat the Backlist takes place throughout the whole year. Basically this is to tackle books that we have had for ages and really want to read. This gets challenging when there are so many amazing books being published every month. Seeing how everybody reads at a different speed, it’s up to us to decide how high the goal will be. The only condition is that the books you read were published before 2018. To make it fun you can sign up and be put into a team. By reading books you earn points for your team. If you click on the link we posted above, you can find all of this information and how to sign up!


As I said in our post about our reading goals I want to read at 50 books that were put on my shelves before 2018. I think participating in this challenge and with more people it will help me along! I’m not going to post a TBR, because I am definitely a moodreader, so I know I won’t stick to it, haha. I did sign up for a team though. I am a member of Book Bards!



I’m really excited about this challenge! I’ve been wanting to sign up for quite awhile but finally did it last night. I also set my personal goal at reading at least 50 backlist books. I have around 150 unread books on my shelves and they are obviously all from before 2018. I don’t usually set myself a TBR but I did mention series I wanted to finish this year, most of those are already completed so they count towards this challenge. And in a recent TTT a talked about 5 backlist books I wanted to read soon. I think this challenge will definitely help me towards this goal and I’m super excited about it!

Oh and my team is the Dewey Dragons <333



So we did it! We signed up. Hopefully this will help us with getting to our TBR. At least everyone knows exactly how it feels. Have any of you signed up? What team are you on?

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