Bookish Item| Reading Challenges 2018

To make our reading goals more fun we have decided to make a game out of some of our goals. We are going to create a jar with goodies and when we complete a challenge we earn something, or if one of us fails to complete a challenge the other person gets a goodie. For now we will only be talking about our yearly challenges. We plan on making smaller ones as well throughout the year, but you will see those in other posts.

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Bookish Item| Reading Goals 2018

Wow, we can’t believe it’s almost the ends of 2017. With a little less than two weeks left in the year, we thought it was time to start thinking about our reading goals. What do we want to read next year? How much do we want to read? We may want to participate in some reading challenges. To see what we thought of, keep on reading.

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Bookish Item| Last Minute Bookish Christmas Presents

To keep up with our Christmas theme, I’m here today with a post about bookish goodies I wouldn’t mind to find under the tree. Even though most of these probably won’t arrive for people before Christmas, it’s always good to know what to buy if someone gives you money, haha.

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Bookish Item| Favorite Christmas Stories

 We are at that time a year again when everything is turning into Christmas. Of course there are enough books with a Christmas theme, but also many shows and movies! So this isn’t a complete bookish item, but we wanted to share some of our favorites with you all!

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Bookish Item | Bookish Candles part 2

Two weeks ago I showed you all the first tiny part of my huge bookish candle collection. That has already grown since that first article…. Yes I might be a tiny bit ashamed haha, I’m very close to 60 bookish candles and I love them all! Are you excited to see the second part of my evergrowing collection? Keep on reading.

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Bookish Item| Bookish Candles part 1

I love bookish merch and really want to share that love with you all! One of my fav types of merch is:

Bookish Candles!!

You hadn’t guessed that one from the title right? Haha. I was planning on showing off all my candles in one article. Until I realised I have over 50 candles (if I counted correctly) so that would either be an insanely long article or one with hardly any details… I thought that would be such a shame so I decided to split my candles and handle one fandom at a time. The latter part will probably be combined fandoms as I have only 1 candle from a couple of fandoms. But we’ll see how that works out when we get there 😉 Excited to see which candles I got for you today? Read on!

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Bookish Item|Favorite Romance Books

Most of the time I read Young Adult books and I really enjoy them. Sometimes I am in the mood for something else and I go to my guilty pleasure: romance books (Sport Romances). A good friend and I have been flying through many of them this year, even though our list continues to grow, haha. I decided to let you guys see some of my favorites from this year.

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