Book Tour| Forget This Ever Happened – Cassandra Rose Clarke

There are so many books releasing lately that sound so good. I really need extra hours in a day or a few extra days to read every week. One of these books is Forget This Ever Happened. Today I’m participating on the book tour hosted by TBR and Beyond Tours to tell you about this one. Keep on reading if you also want to find out more about the giveaway during this tour (US Only).

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Blog Tour | Nexus – Sasha Alsberg & Lindsay Cummings

Last year I listened to the audiobook of Zenith and contrary to a lot of people, I thought it was quite an enjoyable read! I was surprised at the twists, liked almost all characters, and enjoyed the world building. Sure it wasn’t the best book out there, but it was definitely enjoyable! So when I saw the blog tour for Nexus (the sequel to Zenith) was being announced I really wanted to participate. And luckily, I got the chance do that just that. A big thank you to the Fantastic Flying Book club and the publisher for providing me with not only an eARC, but also a physical copy for Instagram! There is a giveaway going on, on Instagram so please check that out. For now, let’s talk about Nexus!

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Review | Contagion – Erin Bowman

October is a month for spooky, supernatural or creepy books. As you know Candyce and I both participated in a Spook-a-thon, and for one of the challenges I read Contagion by Erin Bowman. I was already interested in this story when reading the synopsis a while ago, but when a friend told us how amazing the audiobook was I knew I had to pick it up. Since it was available as audiobook, I decided to go that route. So let’s take a look to see if I liked this one! Continue reading “Review | Contagion – Erin Bowman”