Review | Saga vol. 10 – Brian K. Vaughan & Fiona Staples

It took me forever to finally start reading saga vol. 10 after waiting for this new volume for 3 years… But once I finally did start, I also finished it in one go. And today I would love to share my thoughts. So let’s jump in! There will be some spoilers for the previous volumes.Review | Saga vol. 10 – Brian K. Vaughan & Fiona Staples

At long last, Hazel and her star-crossed family are finally back, and they’ve made some new...friends? This collection features the latest six chapters of the most epic adventure in comics, including the series' double-sized first issue back from hiatus.
Collects: Saga #55-60.

Saga, Volume 10 by Brian K. Vaughan, Fiona Staples
Published by Image Comics on 05/10/2022
Pages: 160

I’ve read Saga volume 9 in January 2020, so it’s been 3,5 years since I last read about these characters and this story. It’s probably not that weird that I didn’t fully remember all of the details and what happened to our characters. I did remember it was a heart-breaking ending. After so long I just go in without too many expectations and just wanted to go back to enjoying this space opera graphic novel series.

We pick the story back up a couple of years in the future. I never really accepted the ending of volume 9 and I have to admit I still wasn’t accepting it until like the last page. Even though we were shown some evidence I still hold out hope. But I guess I have to learn to live with it ;).

This newest volume feels like the start of a new arc in the story. Partly because of the time gap, partly because of the loss we suffered. I’m super curious to see where the story is taking us and I’m already looking forward to the next volume. It looks like we’ll be getting that one this October so that’s the upside from not reading this one right away. I only have to wait for 4 more months haha.

This tenth volume doesn’t have a lot of action or really big moments but I did really enjoy it. You get to reacquaint yourself with the characters and meet some new ones along the way. We also got some cute moments I appreciated a lot.

The art style is still gorgeous, it looks incredible, the characters are super distinctive and I love the colours. I did somehow forgot how adult this was haha. The art is very graphic so that is something to keep in mind.

Overall this was very enjoyable. I loved the flashbacks, or ‘backstories’ and loved being back in this world. The plot was a bit slower in this volume but that was totally fine. It isn’t my favorite volume in the series but it was still good. And I can’t wait for volume 11!

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