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Since we started this blog we’ve posted our reading goals for the year (see our 2020 reading goals we’ll be evaluating in January here). Reading should always be fun, but we love challenging ourselves. So keep on reading if you want to know more about our 2021 reading goals!


Just like last year 2020 was a great reading year. My mood and reading abilities were a bit weird near the end of the year (but after the year we had it’s only expected). Some goals I didn’t do well on (again, haha), but I’m going to keep on trying. Hopefully 2021 will be another amazing year filled with books. Here are the goals I’m going to challenge myself with next year.

Goodreads In 2021 I plan on setting my Goodreads challenge again. I think I’m going to go with 200 books again. As I’m typing this I’ve read 252 books. 200 is a good number for me and it’s only fun if I manage to read a bit more!

Netgalley I’ve been setting a goal for Netgalley for the past few years and keep on failing! I’m determined though and I’m going to make 2021 my year. I will get my feedback ratio to 80%. At the moment it’s only 47%, so I have my work cut out for me.

Physical TBR/Backlist Books Another goal I’ve set up the past couple of years and keep failing. 2020 was a good year for backlist books though. At this moment I’ve read 109 books published before 2020. Unfortunately, only 19 were on my shelves before the beginning of this year. To meet my goal of 50 backlist books I’m playing the Beat the Backlist Bingo (Part 1 and Part 2 of my possible TBR). I also want to buy less books next year, but reward myself at the end of the year by the amount of backlist books I read. I’ll have to figure out the details.

ARCs I did do better in 2020 with the amount of blog tours and ARCs I ended up receiving. Out of all the books I’ve read while typing this 34% were ARCs. Last year that was a lot more if I remember correctly. These past few months I’ve noticed I really have a harder time reading on deadlines. It’s nice to just sit down and read what I want. So next year I’m mostly going to stick to tours run by TBR and Beyond Tours and the few ARC groups I’m still in. And if I request more ARCs, less will be for tours.

Re-Reading This wasn’t a goal in 2020, but once again I’ve really been enjoying picking up a book a second time. There are also a few series that I really want to re-read in 2021. So I’m going to set the goal at doing at least 1 re-read a month! Also, I want to re-read the following series: LUX, Mara Dyer, After and The Illuminae Files.

Series For this year I set a goal to finish 12 series. To be honest, I don’t know how far I am at the moment, but for 2021 I’d like to set it at finishing 12 series again. There are so many that I’ve read everything of except for the last book.


2020 was not a great reading year for me unfortunately. I started off really strong and I had high hopes for this year. But thanks to COVID and my studies the year was very different reading wise. 2021 will hopefully be different and these are my goals for the year.

Goodreads While I probably won’t reach my 2020 Goodreads goal I want to set the same goal for 2021. Once again I’ll try to read 100 books. I think it might be still be doable for me, and if not I won’t be mad either. It’s nice to challenge yourself and we see how far I’ll get ;).

Netgalley Like Candyce I’m failing at keeping that Netgalley feedback ratio up haha. My goal is to get the feedback ratio up to 80% in 2021. Currently it is at 37% so I have my work cut out for me haha.

Physical TBR/Backlist Books The last couple of years I added a backlist books goal. And with that I mean books that were already on my physical TBR before the year started. So this year I’m starting with about the same amount of books as I started 2020 with… I’m setting my goal at 50 backlist books even though I know that’s going to be a stretch haha. To help myself I decided to set aside money for every backlist book I finish reading. And I can only buy new books with that money. I’m not completely sure about the amount of money yet, but I’m thinking €3 for every backlist book I finish.

Series This goal seems one of the hardest for me somehow. Every year I start more series and I hardly finish any. Once again I’m going to set this at finishing 12 series. There are quite some series where I have only one book left so finishing a series every month should be doable.

So those are our 2021 reading goals! Are you setting goals for yourself in the new year? If so, let us know in the comments. We’d love to hear from you!

6 thoughts on “Bookish Item | 2021 Reading Goals

  1. These are great goals Candyce and Isabelle, I’m sure you will both make it, wishing you the best of luck and I can’t wait for updates!

  2. Beat The Backlist Bingo looks like so much fun! Thanks for bringing it to my attention. The idea of rewarding yourself by setting aside money for every one you read is equally good incentive.

    1. Happy to do so! I think so too. Now I just really have to hold myself to it haha. You all need to hold me accountable 😉

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