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With the new year almost here it’s time for our 2020 Reading Goals! We set some reading goals last year as well, and you can expect a wrap-up on those early January. For quite some years now we’ve been setting Goodreads goals but the last couple of years we’ve also tried to set some additional reading goals. So let’s take a look at the goals we set ourselves for 2020.


2019 was definitely an interesting reading year. I’ve never read as much as I did, but I only manage to actually complete my Goodreads goal. Next year I really want to meet more of these goals. I was off to a good start with some of them, so hopefully 2020 will be my year!

Goodreads In 2020 I’ll be setting my Goodreads reading challenge to 200 books again. I will end up reading 300 books this year and  that still is shocking to me. 200 feels like a good number for me and if I read more, that’s great!

Netgalley This was a goal in 2019 as well and I really failed. I was my feedback rate to be 80% or higher. For most of the year I was at 62%, but the last few months got out of hand and I’m under the 60% at the moment. There are so many digital ARCs that I really want to read, so I need to get cracking at this one.

Physical TBR/Backlist Books I’ve put this on my reading goals list every year since we started the blog and I don’t think I’ve ever completed my goal. I decided to put these two together, because the do go hand in hand. I added a lot of books to my collection this year, but didn’t read as many of them as I would’ve liked. Next year, I want to make my physical TBR smaller and read at least 50 backlist books!

ARCs As a blogger it’s really tempting to request books on Netgalley or join blog tours. I’ve discovered some amazing authors the last few years and I’m so grateful for that. With my Netgalley pile increasing as well as my physical TBR, I need to cut down on requesting. This year I really only want to continue reading for the ARC teams I’m already on and try to request others as little as possible.

Series I’ve come to realize that’s I’m terrible at finishing series, haha. I’ll start one and a lot of the time, the last book is the one that takes forever for me to pick up. Part of me doesn’t want series to end, but I sometimes just forget them as well. I want to finish at least 12 series I’ve already started in 2020.


I have been having a hard time with completing my challenges, haha. The one goal I consistently meet is my Goodreads goal, so of course I’ll keep on setting that one. But I decided to set some goals I would really like to meet and that I think I could actually meet. Let’s take a look!

Goodreads I’ll be setting my Goodreads yearly challenge on a 100 books once again. This has been my challenge for the last 3 years and I like the number. It has been pretty easy lately but that means I have more time for my other goals! I’m fine with any number of books above a 100 so I’m not changing it this year either.

Physical TBR My physical TBR is pretty much out of control haha. Every year it keeps on growing and growing so my main goal for 2020 is for my TBR to be lower at the end of the year than it is at the start of the year. My current TBR is around 250, and while I would love for it to be under 200 before 2021 I don’t think I’ll be able to make that happen haha. That will however be my super challenging extra goal. As long as my TBR is at least 1 lower than it started with I’m happy though.

Backlist Books This one kinda comes with the previous goal. But I would like to once again make my backlist books a priority, so the books I owned before 2020 started. I read at least double the backlist titles in 2019 as compared to 2018. It would be great if in 2020 I would read 60 backlist books. That’s more than what I accomplished in 2019 but combined with the previous goal I hope to make a serious effort.

Big Books I wrote a post about this a couple of weeks ago, but I would like to read more of my big books in 2020. This is part of the reason why I won’t raise my Goodreads goal. Instead of focussing on reading more books, I want to focus on reading more books with 500+ pages. My goal for this year is to read at least 12 big books that aren’t rereads! This year I did read more than 12 but I also reread the entire Harry Potter twice so that already accounts for 8 big books haha. Hopefully I can manage to read 12 books with 500+ pages that aren’t Harry Potter!

Finish Series This has been my goal for the last couple of years and I’m using it once again haha. I want to finish 12 series this year. There are quite some complete series on my shelves, even ones where I only have one book left. It would be wonderful if I actually completed some series I already started!

Writing Reviews This was another goal last year and I’m re-using it. I recently bought two review-notebooks were I plan on writing down a couple of notes on every single book I read. Hopefully this will help me with writing reviews. I plan on being better at actually writing them and als make it a bit easier on myself by having some notes. So my goal is to at least make review notes for every book I read and I plan on writing at least 1 review per week.

So these are our 2020 reading goals. How about you? Are you setting goals for yourself? Let us know in the comments so we can support each other next year!

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  1. Some really good goals! I need to try and focus on Netgalley a little more. That little percentage haunts me! Good luck with your goals!

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