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Last year we set ourselves some reading goals and challenges for 2018. We did pretty well on some goals, and horribly on others haha. This year we want to try and be better and set ourselves some goals again. Let’s take a look to see what we came up with for our 2019 reading goals.


Goodreads I love doing a Goodreads reading challenge every year. It’s not for everyone and I get that, but I think it challenges me. This year I read over 200 books and I never expected to do that! I don’t want to pressure myself too much, so I’m going to set my goal to 150 next year. We’ll see how far I get!

Reviews I’ve gotten better at writing reviews after reading a book, but I can wait too long at times as well. I need to get better at this! So my goal is to write a review for everything I read. I like telling everyone about what I thought and I know authors really appreciate reviews!

Backlist Books This was actually a goal for this year and I failed terribly. I had around 150 unread books when we started this year and to be honest I’m afraid to count how many I have now and will have after Christmas, haha. So I’m going to set my goal to at least 50 backlist books by the end of the year. Hopefully I can pick up a few every month!

“Bookbuying Ban” No, I’m not saying I can’t buy any books next year, because there are plenty of sequels and spin-offs I want to read! I do really hope to get less though. I think my backlist books really need to be focused on. I will try to stick to holidays and such for most of my bookish needs! Or if I need a book for TBR & Beyond group reads.

Finish Series I had the same goal this year and I actually really liked it! I want to finish another 12 series next year. This year I counted series I started in 2018 as well, but I think I will stick to series I’ve already started before 2019. This will also help me with my backlist books!

Rereading Books I tend to feel guilty when I pick up a book and reread it. I have so many unread books, but I realized this year how much I enjoy rereading a book. I tend to pick up on details and events I didn’t see the first time. I’m not setting a certain amount, but just want to give myself more freedom to do this!

Netgalley ARCs I’m really hoping to get my reviewing percentage higher on Netgalley. I have quite a few ARCs I have either requested or gotten from the read now section. I really want to work through these and get my stats above 80% and keep it that way!



Goodreads Same as every year I like to set a Goodreads goal. For the last two years that goal has been to read a 100 books, something that used to be my dream goal. I easily managed to read a 100 books in 2018 but I’ll still set it at a 100 in 2019. Quantity isn’t all that matters and I would be very happy to read ‘only’ a 100 books the coming year.

Reviews I’ve been so bad at keeping up with my reviews! When I was making my favorite lists, I realized how little reviews I had written this year. Most of them also took quite some time because I didn’t write anything down right after finishing my book. I’ve been starting to do this a bit more in December and I want to continue it in 2019. This coming year I want to review every book with either a full one or a mini one on the blog and Goodreads, or just a small review on Goodreads.

Backlist books I’m afraid to say it, but I have close to 200 unread books, this year I want to make a serious change. Combined with the next goal, reading more backlist books should make a dent in that TBR. I want to read at least 4 backlist books each month. More would be even better but I think this is a pretty realistic goal. This would mean at least 48 backlist books read in 2019 whereas I’ve only read 15 in 2018. And then I mean backlist books I already owned before the start of the year.

‘Bookbuying ban’ I don’t want to impose an actual ban, because that will never work haha. But I’m only allowed to buy sequels to series I’m completely caught up on. Every other book I want to buy I can only buy if I read those 4 backlist books that month. I’m not sure if I can hold myself to that, but it would definitely be great!

Finish series This is one I did last year and I want to desperately try again. I only finished 6 series in 2018 and started many more as always. Once again I want to try and finish 12 series this year. One each month seems pretty doable, especially with quite some finished series on my shelves.

Rereading This year I’ve been rereading quite some books and I loved it a lot. Normally I don’t take the time to reread and that is such a shame. Especially when I want to finish some series it might be smart to reread the rest of the series, that way I can fully enjoy the last installment. And with all the amount of money a book costs, it’s nice to know it’s been read and loved more than once <3

These are the reading goals we’ve set ourselves for 2019. Do you have any reading goals? And do think we’ll be able to meet ours? Let us know in the comments!

9 thoughts on “Bookish Item | 2019 Reading Goals

  1. Great goals!! One of my goals for 2019 is also rereading books! I’m also planning to get through my TBR stacks without adding too many new ones to the stacks! 🙂

    1. That’s awesome! Good luck attacking your goals! Hope you have an amazing reading year!

    1. We decided to make it a goal, because we both love rereading! This will hopefully make us feel less guilty about all the unread books we still have, haha.

    1. Yeah, we decided we wanted to challenge ourselves in our own way!

    1. It’s always interesting to think about! Hopefully you have an amazing reading year next year!

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