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Like we said yesterday, half of 2019 is over already!! Can you believe it? Because we sure can’t. Something else that unbelievable is how many books we already read this year. We’ve both read more than half of our Goodreads goal so this is looking to be a great reading year. Let’s see which books we read in our June Wrap Up.


June was a good reading month for me. I read a total of 20 books! I’ve had a few really good reading months and if I keep going like this, I will be done with my Goodreads challenge at the end of August! Not something I ever expected. Now it’s time to tell you about the books I read last month.

The Mighty Heart of Sunny St. James – Ashley Herring Blake

This middle grade book is so beautiful! Our main character Sunny is about to have a heart transplant and is dealing with a lot of things in her life. Having a new heart means being a new Sunny, but when things from the past make their entrance again, it isn’t easy. I think it’s great the author took on the subjects she did!

Killing November – Adriana Mather

A boarding school where students are being murdered? Definitely something that interested me. I loved the mystery in this book and how dark it was. I wish the ending was a bit different, but the second book will definitely be ordered when it releases. My full review will be on the blog soon.

Hope and Other Punchlines – Julie Buxbaum

9/11 is something that happened when I was 13 and it’s still weird to think that this generation only knows of it because of history books. I love the take the author took on this subject and how it did impact children who were still a baby when it took place.

If It Makes You Happy – Claire Kann

Books with plus-sized characters are something you start seeing a lot more lately. I really enjoyed this book and that the main character was happy with how she was. It did bug me that it seemed this book mostly focused on a love triangle and not much else really happened.

Tessa – Kayla Tirrell

A kind retelling to a story that I’m not familiar with, but still amazing! I really enjoyed the characters and how this story unfolded. Kayla Tirrell delivered once again. A fun summer read.

The Two Week Arrangement – Kendall Ryan

Kendall Ryan is a favorite of mine when it comes to romance books and this one was a lot of fun. A forbidden romance, but that didn’t make it any less steamy. She definitely left you wanting more though, because this ending will make you needing the second book in this duology.

Coldhearted Boss – R.S. Grey

R.S. Grey is known for her romantic comedies and I’ve loved them all so far. Unfortunately Coldhearted Boss wasn’t the best one she’s written. It was enjoyable, but not my favorite. All in all, I definitely still recommend this book.

The N Word – Michelle McQueen & Ann Maree Craven

After The F Word, these authors wrote The N Word. Our main character is seen as a smart girl and she feels a lot of pressure to be the nerd she’s seen as. Even her parents expect that of her, while she’s dreaming of a totally different life. A beautiful contemporary! I definitely recommend it.

Gimme Some Sugar – Juliette Poe

This was my first book in this series, but I enjoyed it (they can be read as standalones). What I loved the most about Gimme Some Sugar is that it was a lighthearted romance. Not too much drama, a lot of sweet moments and amazing characters. A book that leaves a smile on your face!

Satisfaction Guaranteed – Lauren Blakely

The cover was actually changed, because the first one (also in my review), has the male model posing with a kitten. I was sold when I saw that. A second chance romance that was a lot of fun to read!

Rules We’re Meant to Break – Natalie Williamson

Our main character has been hurt a lot by her mother’s frequent changing of relationships. She decides not to be hurt again and makes a list of rules. Except these rules still don’t stop her from feeling things. I loved how this book developed and what our main character learns.

Seven Shades of You – A.M. Johnson

So many people were telling me to give this author a go and I’m so glad I did! A.M. Johnson is an amazing writer and I really recommend her books!

Letters to Molly – Devney Perry

After reading The Birthday List, I was excited for this one. Just like I expected we got a very emotional story with an amazing love story!

Written With You – Aly Martinez

After the cliffhanger Written with Regret left us with, I really needed this book. While some things didn’t feel very realstic, I still loved the emotions she was able to make me feel. I can honestly say I’ve never read a story like this!

A Pizza My Heart – Teagan Hunter

Teagan Hunter stole my heart when she wrote the Texting series. A Pizza My Heart was a fun, light read, but wasn’t my favorite. To me it felt like it took too long for something to really start happening. A Pizza My Heart was missing something for me to love it a lt.

The Locker Room – Meghan Quinn

The Locker Room had me laughing out loud on the train. I bet some people were giving me some weird looks, haha. This was the best slow burn romance I’ve read in awhile! She definitely doesn’t disappoint with her romantic comedies and we need more Knox!

Indefinite – Corinne Michaels

I was reading for a bit before this story was really able to suck me in. The characters were annoying me and it felt like the story was going in circles. After awhile that started to change and that ending left me hanging! I need to know how this story continues.

The Parallax – Morgan G. Farris

The Chalam Faerytales have really started to become one of my favorite series. Morgan really outdid herself with the story and I’m anxiously awaiting the next book!

Underwater – Anna B. Doe

I was really looking forward to this story, I mean, mermaids, need I say more? Unfortunately it turned in to much of a love triangle drama and I didn’t get much of the mermaid part of it. I felt like we missed part of geting to know the characters as well.

Such Great Heights – Julia Wolf

This author did it again with the next installment of Blue is the Color. Jasper has been a character I wanted a story from the start and it didn’t disappoint. Such Great Heights was everything I wanted and more!


I read 13 books this month and I’m quite happy with that. Due to a very busy and exhausting schedule I hardly read anything the last week of the month. Hopefully my reading will pick up again in July so I can read even more books. This month I did 4 rereads, 3 graphic novels, 2 manga, 2 novellas and 2 novels. Let’s take a look at them.

Harry Potter 1, 2 & 3 – J.K. Rowling

At the start of the month I begun yet another reread of the Harry Potter series and I’ve listened to the first three already. These books will forever be my favorites and I love the audiobooks narrated by Stephen Fry. It’s a perfect way to relax whenever I’m too stressed to take in a new story.

Beauty Queens – Libba Bray

I read this one years ago and was really in the mood for a reread towards the end of the month. Like I said, I was very busy and just didn’t have the concentration for a new book. But another reread was the perfect way to go. I once again loved Beauty Queens and the audiobook was great. This book is so funny but also has things to say about some very serious issues. And I somehow forgot how much amazing representation we got in this gem.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer vol. 1: High School is Hell – Joss Whedon

I had this new Buffy the Vampire Slayer graphic novel pre-ordered and was super excited about it. Its a completely new series and you could read it without watching the tv show (although the characters look exactly like they do in the show haha). I enjoyed this one a lot and I can’t wait for the next volume.

The Black Mage – Daniel Barnes & DJ Kirkland

This was a Netgalley read and I hope to have a review for you all soon. Racism is the central theme in this fantasy GN and I really liked the way they went about it. The plot however felt a bit rushed and I wished they made it into a series instead of just this one story.

Fables vol. 3: Storybook Love – Bill Willingham

I’m slowly making my way through the Fables comics and I still adore the premise so much. This volume had some great things and some not so great things. I was a bit confused at points and didn’t like the big differences in art style. But I will for sure continue this series!

Sailor Moon 2 – Naoko Takeuchi

I finally got the second Sailor Moon manga last month and I’m happy I read it right now. Somehow I never watched the Sailor Moon anime when I was younger and I’m wondering if it was even on tv in the Netherlands. I am however enjoying the manga and have the third one on my wishlist.

Yona of the Dawn 1 – Mizuho Kusanagi

This is a new manga series for me and I was very excited to start it. I liked the premise a lot when I heard about it and I liked the execution. This first volume had some predictable moments but since its the start and we’re setting up the story I didn’t really mind that. I will definitely continue reading this series.

Ghosts of Shadowmarket #9 & #10 – Cassandra Clare

After reading (or listening to) the first 8 stories in this anthology I finally got to listen to the last two stories. They take place after the events of The Queen of Air and Darkness so I would highly suggest reading the complete Dark Artifices series before reading these last two novellas. But once you do, I think you absolutely have to get to these so you can torture yourself on our long wait for the Wicked Powers haha. Can’t wait for more stories set in this world.

Senlin Ascends – Josiah Bancroft

This was a buddy read with Melissa. A great reason to pick up this book that had been on my to-read shelf forever. Unfortunately we both had some trouble getting into the story at first. Luckily I decided to give the audiobook a try and I was quickly hooked. I will definitely be reading the rest of the series (at some point at least haha).

The Thousand Dollar Tan Line – Rob Thomas

I love love love love love love Veronica Mars (and yes that’s also my ship 😉 ) and am currently doing a complete rewatch. The new season will be released at the end of July and I’m over the moon about it. So I was finally in the mood to read the first Veronica Mars book. I thought I also owned the second book but I can’t find it anymore haha. Hope to read that one in July though!

So that’s what we read in June! What books did you read? Any books we need to know about? Let us know in the comments!

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