Review| The Parallax – Morgan G. Farris

I was so excited when I heard the next installment of The Chalam Faerytales would be released. This series has definitely earned a spot on my list of favorite series. The Promised One and The Purloined Prophecy were amazing (click on the links to read my reviews). The Parallax released this week and I’m excited to tell you about it.

A big thanks to the author for providing me with an ARC to read and review. She’s amazing, so I really recommend checking these out!

“The monster, Ferryl, is that voice that tells you that you have no choice but to listen. The true monster is the voice that whispers the lies only you can hear and only you believe.”

Who needs enemies when your family’s secrets have just as much power to destroy your life?

When new threats against the lost princess of Haravelle emerge, King Ferryl will go to any lengths to keep the love of his life safe. Or he would, if his hands weren’t tied as his men search in vain for the clandestine army of Midvar. Yet the secrets his enemy carries may be nothing compared to what Ferryl is about to uncover in his own family…and finding out what his parents kept carefully hidden for so long might just destroy his entire life before Midvar has a chance.

Meanwhile, in his quiet manor on the grassy hills of Midvar, all Titus Melamed really wants is peace. But he soon learns just how far King Derrick’s claws stretch…and how tangled is the web he has woven for Titus and the world. When tragedy turns into a quest for revenge, Titus is forced to confront his greatest enemy: his own soul.

Loyalties will be tested. Secrets will come to light. And true love will be ripped apart at the seams.

The Parallax is a harrowing, poetic fantasy that picks up right where The Purloined Prophecy left off. A symphony of labyrinthine mysteries, magical new discoveries, and heart-wrenching romance, this gripping third installment of The Chalam Færytales promises reeling adventure from the very first page.


“You will do something that will change the world forever.”

My review for The Parallax won’t be as detailed as the reviews for the first two books. So much happens in this story, that I don’t want to give anything away. I believe that this is a story you really need to experience by just reading. In all honesty, I could write a book filled with my thoughts about this book!

The Parallax starts shortly after The Purloined Prophecy ends. After all the reveals in the second book, Ferryl must had back to his kingdom and see what is going on. It seems like a war is on its way and they need to be prepared. After everything has happened, he has a lot to prove, because his people may find certain details hard to believe.

“”Just because you don’t believe in it doesn’t mean love isn’t real. True love endures, Titus. It endures time and distance and fear. It cannot be stopped.”

“Do you really believe that?”

“Of course I do,” she said. “What’s the point of all this without love?””

Once again, this story is told through multiple POVs and every storyline is so interesting and intertwined in such a perfect way. During the past two books I’ve really grown to love these characters and I need to read about how they’re doing. It’s really interesting watching all of the events come together.

There is more worldbuilding and politics in this book. I think my favorite part is seeing things we’ve read about in the first book come back and that we now understand the titles and some previous events. It’s fun seeing things develop as you read. Besides politics there is a good balance between love stories, family and adventure.

It also seems we’re slowly getting hints of the magic that is at play during this story. I love that it’s slowly developing and how it intertwines with the characters’ lives. And don’t get me started about the twists and turns this story takes. The author isn’t careful with her characters or what happens to them. The ending of this book left me wanting more! I need to know how everything continues with all of the characters I’ve come to love!

I really recommend picking up these books! You won’t regret it!


If I could give this book more than five stars, well crowns, I would! The author told us that the book stops at a pretty intense spot, because it would’ve been really long. I have to say that I could handle that. I will definitely be sad when this series is over!

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