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The Birthday List was the first book I read by Devney Perry and it broke my heart. The author put it back together again, but it was a very emotional book. The second book in the Maysen Jar series, Letters to Molly, releases today. Thanks to the author I received an ARC to read and review. Did this book break my heart like The Birthday List did? Keep reading to find out!

Molly Alcott didn’t expect
to open her mailbox one summer morning and find an old letter stuffed between
bills and a supermarket flyer. Penned in familiar handwriting, dated over
fifteen years ago, the letter was written to Molly after her first date with the
man she’ll never forget.

Week after week, new letters appear. Each marks an event in
the history of their epic love affair. Each heals a wound. Each holds the
confession of the man who still owns Molly’s heart.

The letters are full of promise, hope and love, but truth be
told, Molly wishes she could unread them all.

Because the man who wrote these letters is not the one
sending them.




Even though Letters to Molly can be read as a standalone, I highly recommend reading The Birthday List before diving in. I think by doing so the emotions in this book will be more understandable and the characters will be easier to connect with.

It’s been six years since Molly and Finn got divorced and they’ve gotten their routine down with their children. It’s clear from the start that there are some emotions lingering, but neither lets them out. Molly and Finn loved each other, but they’d both reached their limit. Then one night with a little alcohol, they end up in bed with each other. That definitely complicates things, especially when letters start showing up that Finn didn’t send himself.

I think this book was so emotional and easy to connect with because of the dual POV. We got to read both sides and understand the characters. On top of that the letters from the past give us a glimpse of their marriage. Not all letters were easy to read, but perfect for this book. The mix of past and present really gives this book something special.

The little hits that caused their marriage to break slowly slipped in. Finn started working hard to make his company a good one and Molly had to take on everything for the kids. They both realized a little too late what it was doing to them. Second chance romances are always really interesting, but the letters really made this one special. It was interesting to see how the characters reacted to the letters showing up. They started making them think and even talk about things they never did in the past.

Letters to Molly is a book of forgiveness, family and second chances. This book gave us an amazing love story and even some steamy moments. I really came to care for these characters and loved seeing the characters from The Birthday List. Devney Perry definitely hit me in all the feels! I love her writing and can’t wait to see what she does next!


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Letters to Molly was more heartbreaking than I expected it to be, but it’s definitely worth the ride! I definitely need to get caught up with this author’s books. Have you read anything by Devney Perry? What was your favorite?

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