Mini Reviews | Ghosts of the Shadow Market #9 – #10 – Cassandra Clare

Last September Candyce and I shared our reviews for the first 8 novellas in the Ghosts of the Shadow Market bindup by Cassandra Clare and various other authors. The physical version was recently released and there were two extra stories in there that both take place after the events of Queen of Air and Darkness. I was quite curious about those stories and very happy to find the audiobook on Storytel. So today I would like to share my thoughts on the last two novellas from the Ghosts of the Shadow Market.

All of the stories in Ghosts of the Shadow Market have two things in common. One of my favorite shadow hunter characters; Jem and a really cool place all around the world; the Shadow Market.

The last two stories take place after the events of Queen of Air and Darkness so if you don’t want any spoilers, please don’t read any further!

I can’t find that much information for novella 9 & 10 since they are only part of the full anthology and aren’t available apart form the rest. When listening to the audiobook I had to skip ahead to these two stories and I can’t find the narrators anywhere. I can tell you that the narration was amazing. All of the narrators for this anthology did a great job! We got some famous actors and actresses doing these and I would love for them to do more of it.

The Lost World (#9)

This story shows us Ty at the Scholomance and the POV we get is from Livvy. Through her we get a look at Ty’s life at the Scholomance, some insight into Idris, and we see Jem and Tessa. Livvy is slowly testing her limits and getting used to her new way of being.

A boy, a Carpathian lynx, and a ghost.

I loved reading about Livvy so much, and my heart broke for her situation once again. Ty has been one of my favorite characters from the Dark Artifices and I was happy to see him again. This story was a nice way to see how some of the characters are currently doing and to get me once again excited for The Wicked Powers. I still very much hate Zara and Manuel but can’t wait to see how their part of the storyline will go.

While this wasn’t my favorite story out of all of them, it was a very enjoyable one. I’m happy it got included in the physical version and I for sure want to get a copy soon.

Forever Fallen (#10)

This last story is about two families, one being Tessa, Jem, Kit and baby Mina and the other Ash and Thule Jace (who now goes by the most stupid name ever; Janus). We switch between POV and these storylines but I was very invested in both stories.

Memories were like love: wound and cure, both at once.

I loved seeing Jem as a dad, I didn’t think I could love him more but it turns out I can!! This story just makes it very clear that he is one of the best characters in this whole world. ┬áKit is another favorite of mine and I loved seeing him be at home with Jem and Tessa. You can clearly tell they all love each other and it was great seeing Kit realize that. He deserves this so much!

Reading about Janus left me with mixed feelings. I kinda hate his character, but at the same time I can’t help but feel for him. He is what Jace would’ve turned into if Clary had died. And can you really blame him for wanting her back? He lost basically everyone and all he has now is Ash. I did really like his relationship with Ash and I can’t wait to get to know Ash better. He will be such an interesting character and will probably bring an interesting storyline!

This story just did a lot of things to my heart! It was filled with love over Jem, Tessa and Kit (and Mina of course) but all of the Thule stuff broke it over and over again. Also, the Lily part was amazing! I just might listen to this story again soon. The bindup ends on a great note and like I said before, I simply can’t wait for The Wicked Powers!

Overall I give the whole anthology 4 stars. Some of the stories I loved with all my heart, others didn’t really bring anything extra to the table in my opinion. However, after listening to all the stories, I just can’t wait until we get the next two series in this world!

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