Review| Such Great Heights – Julia Wolf

So far I have loved all of the books I’ve read by Julia Wolf. Her Blue is the Color series has been amazing.Times Like These and Watch Me Unravel have both had five star ratings. The newest in this series, Such Great Heights, finally gives us Jasper’s story. I’ve been waiting for this book since Times Like These. Did it live up to my expectations? Keep on reading to find out!

Also a big thanks to the author for providing me an ARC to read and review.

Malka Fischer has a bad reputation.

Jasper Antonio is the nice guy of rock.

They’ve known each other for years, but neither has looked beyond the surface. To Jasper, Malka is his best friend’s on-again, off-again girlfriend. To Malka, Jasper is the squeaky clean bassist in her ex’s band.

One night fueled by grief and alcohol changes it all. They finally see each other for who they really are and a connection is uncovered between them that can’t be denied.

Even though it should be, since not denying it could destroy everything.



“Timing is everything.”

Jasper stole a piece of my heart when I read Times Like These. It was clear he was going through a lot after losing his mother and I really needed him to get his happily ever after. Such Great Heights was a very special book. Watch Me Unravel started off right before the band started their hiatus, but this one started off at the same time as Times Like These.

For Jasper it was always him and his mother growing up. His father was abusive and his mother took him out of that situation. He loved her so much, so when she became sick things got hard. Losing her wasn’t easy and in the aftermath he kind of lost himself. Jasper has a heart of gold and his band is everything to him. He’s not the selfish type, so when he did finally start falling, it just wasn’t the right time.

I’ll be your soft landing,
But I can’t be your rough patch.
I’ll be the room where you can stay,
But I won’t be your hiding place.
I’ll be the choice you make,
But you’ll always be my requirement.

Malka is also a character we met during Times Like These. She was on again/off again with Ian, which was hurting them both. Malka has kind of lost her way and has her ups and downs. Being okay just isn’t always enough. I think Malka carried a lot of guilt for things in the past and the author focused on important parts of the #metoo movement and working with abusive producers. Malka is another character who deserves all the love in the world and a character I really grew to love.

Such Great Heights is a slowburn romance. We slowly get to see Jasper and Malka grow close and start to need each other. For some reason they connect and just understand the other person. Except neither of them are in a place for a relationship or know how to give themselves to the other that way. Their connection is so special though, you could feel it in the way they were together.

“Feelings aren’t science. They’re your mind and heart.”

I loved that the author took different parts of time and put together their story. We got to see the band members and what both of them were up to at different periods of times. Their paths kept crossing and maybe it really was just meant to be. Once they get together though, it’s fireworks. Once they’re together I had many moments with a smile on my face and believe me, things get steamy!!

And don’t get me started on the lyrics and poems we get to read during this book! Julia Wolf really outdid herself with this aspect of the story. I could feel every emotion she was trying to bring with these words. I’ve said it every book so far, but I really think Jasper’s and Malka’s story is my favorite so far! Even though all of them have a special place in my heart!

Such Great Heights was such an emotional story! I loved Malka and Jasper. And after reading this book, I really need Ian’s story. I love that these aren’t your typical rock star romances. Do you like rock star romances?

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