Blog Tour| Exiled to Freedom – S.G.D Singh

S.G.D. Singh is an author Isabelle and I were introduced to when we first started blogging. We both loved The Infernal Guard trilogy (Emergence, Descent and Severance – click on the titles for our reviews). Exiled to Freedom is a book I’ve been interested about since it released and today I’m participating in the blog tour. Keep on reading for more about this book and an excerpt!

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Buddy Review|Severance – S.G.D. Singh

After reading the first two books of this amazing series we needed to read the last. Even though we both didn’t want it to end, we needed to know how it ended. Our expectations were high. Did the author meet our expectations?

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Buddy Review|Descent – S.G.D. Singh

We were really excited after reading the first book in The Infernal Guard Triolgy and wanted to know more right after we finished. We are lucky enough to be able to read and review the second book for you as well! If you haven’t read our review about Emergence yet, you can find that here. If you want to know more about the second book, Descent, keep on reading.

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T5W| Vampires

We decided to do TTT every other week and then the other, other weeks we would do Top 5 Wednesday. This weekly meme was created by Lainey from Gingerreadslainey and all the info is posted in this Goodreads group. This weeks theme is books with paranormal creatures! This one allows us to choose the paranormal creature we want to talk about. This week I am choosing vampires!  Seems easy enough right? Read on to find out which 5 books I picked.

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Buddy Review | Emergence – S.G.D. Singh

We just finished reading Emergence by S.G.D. Singh and we just had to post a review right away! We both got a copy from the author in exchange for an honest review. We were both so happy we had each other to talk to while reading this book! It’s sad there aren’t more people reading and talking about this book. Hopefully we can change that a bit. Keep reading to find out our thoughts about this book. Continue reading “Buddy Review | Emergence – S.G.D. Singh”