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After reading the first two books of this amazing series we needed to read the last. Even though we both didn’t want it to end, we needed to know how it ended. Our expectations were high. Did the author meet our expectations?


Severance is the third book in The Infernal Guard Trilogy. The Seer of The Triputi Prophecy has been rescued, and Asha and her friends have survived against all odds. But a new warning of death and destruction soon brings the devastating task ahead of them back into grim focus.
The Asura have gathered their forces. The entire realm stands on the brink of annihilation as the fabric between The Fourteen worlds continues to fray.
The fate of Satya lies in the hands of an innocent Seer, a destroyed Witch, and a civilian computer hacker.
Now, with the threat of unthinkable decimation creeping ever closer, can Asha learn to accept the things that even her Talents can’t control?
Will Lexi find a way to change her destiny?
Can death itself be cheated, if we have the courage to stand against the darkness?


Candyce: Another beautiful cover. It’s nice to see that the covers are all different, but fit together as well. After reading the books it’s nice to see that there are elements from the book in the cover.

Isabelle: the cover fits nicely with the rest and with the story, however I don’t really like these covers as I’ve said before. I’m just not a fan of covers with people’s faces on them.


Candyce: Once again the author created another amazing story. The books basically picks up where Descent left off and we find out more about how the Seer Silas became and how he was hidden for quite awhile. We are also reunited with the characters I have come to love. The author knows how to create the perfect combination of romance and action. I loved seeing Asha and Aquila’s wedding and the fun that they had. Even though the happiness is cut short and they basically have to go to war. I loved how this story came to an end and how we were able to see the different worlds work together, even if that meant they wouldn’t be able to go home. The author took a lot of risks with characters that not many would dare to take. Those risks made this story very unique. The story definitely had an ending, but certain details could lead up to other books. Which I really hope, because I loved being in this world. These books deserve so much more attention than they’ve gotten so far. I can’t go in to too much detail without spoiling, but just wow! This book is filled with love and humor, but also with a group of people who consider everyone around them family and who would do anything to save their world. This book had me reading with tears in my eyes during some of the last chapters.

Isabelle: This book was a pretty epic conclusion to an amazing but so so underrated series. Candyce already said it but the author made some daring choices in this last book and I loved it so much. I shed a LOT of tears while reading it haha, for me that’s definitely a sign of a good book.

One again this book felt quite different from the previous one, it does continue the story but it takes turns you will not see coming. I don’t think anyone would’ve guessed this ending after reading the first book. I really enjoy surprising books like this one. I kept talking out loud, ‘no she wouldn’t do this, would she?’, and yes Singh did! I tweeted some updates while reading this book to which the author replied, it was so much fun interacting with her while reading.

The book took a couple of turns that made me think we would never get another book in this world, however in the end we got a sliver of hope for another possible book (series). I have no idea if Singh would ever consider coming back to this world but I sincerely hope she does. Apart from a very enjoyable world I love this characters so much. That’s another reason it’s so sad hardly anyone knows about these books, I can’t find any fanart or merch for it. I would love some magnetic bookmarks with these characters…


Candyce: Once again we get to be with all of the favorites again. I loved them all once again. This time we also learn more about Silas and Zaiden. Silas hasn’t had the most normal life being a Seer and kept hidden away for so long. It was fun reading about him discovering what he can do and how clueless he could be about certain things, but how sure he could be of what he saw. He wasn’t afraid to do what needed to be done. At times it was like he felt no fear. Zaiden is a character I actually felt bad for while reading. He loves Lexi, but she’s still in love with Nidhan. They’re soulmates, but she wants to be able to make her own choices. He is willing to sacrifice his own happiness for her. Lexi is a fighter. In the end she’s really sensitive and only wants her loved ones to be safe. She has to make some difficult choices. Including her love for Nidhan. Nidhan is a character that has a big thing to deal with in this book and in the end he comes to terms with this. He is a strong and loving character. We saw less of Jax in this book, but I still loved her as well. For not being involved in this world very long, she can handle a lot. She fights for her new family and finally feels like she belongs. The side characters in this book are fun as well and all fit perfectly in their spot of the story.

Isabelle: This cast of characters is super diverse and so loveable. I enjoyed all the different POV’s, this also gave insight to what was happening at different places in the story. Asha is great heroine and I loved that she wasn’t simply the Chosen One, this made her a bit more relatable and the whole series more realistic in my opinion. Silas was more of a Chosen One and while we did get to know him more, I didn’t feel like I really knew him. While we were definitely rooting for the good guys, it isn’t simply because you know all about the Chosen One. The characters surrounding Silas are so much more important to you, and to be honest I didn’t care for a second whether he would live or die. I thought that was quite refreshing! Now, Jax and Kelakha I did care about, and A LOT at that. They are so adorable but so strong in their own rights as well. They both have their talents and are important to the story. I love seeing more of them.

The story line around Lexi, Nidhan, and Zaiden continues in this instalment and is one of those bold choices in my opinion. I loved Lexi and Nidhan so much in the first book, and to have that completely turned on its head in the second book was quite a shock. We get to see more of Zaiden in this one and I was so conflicted on where I wanted this to go. I loved how this all tied together with the overall story and I definitely needed some Kleenex to get me through the ending.

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This book met all of our expectations and then some! To soften the ending we are given two short stories at the end of the book. We were able to be in this world a little longer. Everyone should really read this book and give the author the attention she deserves! We can’t wait to see what she will write next!

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