Review | Dead Voices – Katherine Arden

Last month was Middle Grade May and I tried (and failed to be honest) to read a bunch of MG books. One of the books I really wanted to read was the sequel to Small Spaces; Dead Voices. These MG books are very creepy, but I did love the first one so I finally read the second book in the series. And today I want to tell you what I thought about the book. So let’s jump in!
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Bookish Item | My Middle Grade Backlog Part 2

Candyce and I are participating in Middle Grade May this month (some with more success than others….) and last week Candyce shared her middle grade backlog with you all. Today it’s my turn to show you some of the MG books I still have waiting on me. Let’s dive in! Continue reading “Bookish Item | My Middle Grade Backlog Part 2”